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Things to Do in Germany with Limited Budget

A visit to Germany need not break the bank. Compared to several other European destinations, Germany is super budget friendly and a good place to save some extra Euros.

There are a plethora of free and discounted attractions, cheap German travel options and economical accommodation to choose from. Naturally, you will have to make a few compromises here and there to get the most out of your trip. However, one thing is for sure, you won't diminish your trip experience in a bid to make it affordable.

As with all travel and holidays, if you are cautious with your spending patterns and make the best of your alternatives in terms of getting value for your money, it is extremely plausible to travel Germany on a budget and live it up!

Without further ado, here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your German trip on a limited budget,

1) Germany’s biggest metros often have several free sightseeing tours on offer. These tours, operated by major hotels help you understand a bit more about the city and its history. This, in turn, can help give you a head’s up about the attractions which are worth visiting thus saving you some big bucks.

2) Owing to its rich Eastern-European heritage, Berlin is often regarded as one of the most value for money destinations all across Europe. Besides being known for its exuberant international art and music scene, food and accommodation here is often much cheaper as compared to other cities. So, make sure to include one of the most affordable European capitals, Berlin as a part of your itinerary as well.

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3) Food in Germany is not only extremely delicious but also diverse and relatively inexpensive. Avoid fancy restaurants and instead indulge in some traditional German specialties found all across the country such as Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), Bratwurst or the delectable Curry wurst, a hot pork sausage sliced and seasoned with curry sauce.

Furthermore, you could even experience the rich multi-cultural Turkish, middle eastern, and Asian delicacies such as the infamous Turkish döner kebab, falafel or other cheap quick eats which will only set you back a few Euros.

4) When in doubt, rent a bike. Renting a bike is a great way to explore the various nooks and corners of the city and you never know, you might just uncover a hidden gem while you’re at it. Typically rentals cost around 15 EUR a day, and is a great way to know and see more about the city and get your bearings without spending money.

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5) If you’re a culture or a history buff, several museums around the country offer discounted rates on Sundays and free admission as well on other days so be sure to check which days of the week you can avail of such offers.

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6) Trains, especially super-fast ones are ridiculously expensive in Germany. However, if you book at least a week in advance, you can avail yourself of a saver ticket which gives you a discount up to 40-50% on the standard fare.

7) Although accommodation in Germany is pretty inexpensive, you could make use of services such as Airbnb or other local accommodation which enables you not only to save money but also hands you an opportunity to meet locals and get some local insight into the country.

Alternatively, you could also look for some budget accommodation such as dorms or hostels a bit further from the city center.

Are you planning to visit Germany for your next family holidays? Check out the upcoming events in Germany first and plan your holidays accordingly. :)

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