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Struggling with Your Social Media Campaign? Try Influencer Marketing

The modern business environment is rapidly evolving and for a business marketer, this calls for flexibility. Now that most business is being done online, you have to be ready to compete at a global level. This means more competition within your niche. You have to be ready to compete with all types of competitors in your industry, be they local or international.

Having a fantastic looking website is no longer enough to put your business ahead; you have to leverage the trending digital marketing techniques to stay ahead.For instance, if you have not optimized your website for search engines, you are missing out on myriad opportunities available online. 93% of internet experiences start with a search engine, meaning you have to run a dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) campaign to stay visible on search.

Social Media for SEO

One of the most influential online marketing strategies today is integration of social media in your marketing campaign. With over 2.8 billion people already on social media according to a Hootsuite Report, it goes without saying that your brand should be highly visible on these platforms. The same study shows over 83% of Americans are now using social media and this makes it even more important to ensure your brand gets noticed on social media.

While social media has emerged as the next frontier in online marketing, it is not easy to get right. Many companies have tried harnessing the power of social media, some ending up getting burnt in the process. With social media marketing, you have to get it right the first time. Whether you are building your startup or you have an established brand, social media users demand only the best from brands.

Influencer Marketing for a Successful Social Media Campaign

On social media platforms, you can’t pay to get your way as most brands used to do through traditional media. This is where influencer marketing comes in to save the day. If you have been struggling to go social, it is time to get more insight on what influencer marketing entails and how it can impact your social media campaign.

In the simplest terms, influencer marketing is a technique where you get your message across through key leaders, public figures or other influential personalities in your niche. Take, for instance, when Fashion Nova jeans brand wanted to show the public how cool their product was; they just had Kylie Jenner, one of the Kardashians, wear their product and post it on her popular Instagram account. The post alone garnered 2.2 million likes and just like that,a brand no one really knew about became the in thing among fashion lovers.

This is one of the most rapidly evolving marketing strategies for the last 5 years. A report published on Forbes says influencer marketing is growing faster than digital ads. A HubSpot Survey found that 78% of marketers say determining the impact of influencer marketing efforts will top their priorities this year. A Forbes report shows that businesses which used influencer marketing have an impressive 37% retention rate, which is much higher than those that don’t use this tactic.

When Chritano Ronaldo, one of the most popular and richest soccer stars, rocks the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II boots and posts a photo on his popular Instagram account, nothing more needs to be said. The statement is clear; these shoes have been recommended by one of the most marketable and richest athletes and he can’t possibly be wrong.

The reason influencer marketing has become so popular is because the audience is already there on social media. The influencer already has the following you need and once you establish a strategic partnership, both your business and the influencer will gain a lot from the campaign.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Like any novel marketing strategy, pulling off a successful influencer marketing campaign for your social media strategy is not easy. This is where a Vancouver SEO Expert come in handy. This professionals will help you optimize your content in order to build the best collaboration with an influencer in your niche. The benefits of a well-planned influencer marketing campaign include:

1. Building brand trust quickly and gaining credibility

2. Improving brand awareness

3. Effectively reaching your target audience

4. Building winning partnerships

5. Expanding your reach

6. Improving your SEO as you get chances for quality link building

7. Affordable brand marketing

8. Save time and work as you won’t have to do arduous traditional marketing

Among the most successful influencer marketing campaigns include Old Navy with Meghan Rienks, Naked Juice with lifestyle bloggers including Kate La Vie, Diageo with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman, and Stride Gum with DJ Khaled among others. These campaigns have been run on different platforms, most notably Instagram and Snapchat.

Acing your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Well, while many influencer campaigns have revolutionized brands, many others have failed. When you use an established SEO service to manage your influencer marketing campaign, you have a better chance of acing it. Below are tips to help you increase your chances of success:

1. Make sure you know your audience and understand what they like.

2. Search for an influencer who is a good fit; this you do through research.

3. Collaborate in making the content for the campaign to work.

4. Allow your influencers to enjoy creative freedom.

5. Don’t get carried away by follower count but instead look at engagement rates when choosing an influencer.

6. Avoid making an infomercial which looks too obvious.

7. Make sure you constantly track, measure and analyze your campaign.

8. Consider reach, resonance and relevance when gong for an influencer.

9. Agree on workflow in advance.

There is no denying that influencer marketing works. Your brand needs influencers because consumers trust recommendations from third parties more than they would trust your word.Through this form of marketing, you not only bring on board the influencers’ followers but also their networks. An influencer will easily drive traffic to your site, boost your social media campaign, and increase sales for your products. This is the marketing strategy that has come to fill the gap left by traditional outbound marketing.If you have been finding it difficult to break through to your target social media audience, influencer marketing is just what you need.

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