David Wither

How to Promote Your YouTube Videos

The creative work is behind you.

Or so you think.

Finishing a YouTube video is a huge accomplishment, but promoting it requires creativity, too. Begin by undertaking the basics – ensuring that your video gets good search ranking and seizing the opportunities right before you. There are many professional video services who can help you create your youtube video, but once it comes to promoting it, that’s equally important.

Optimize with clarity

Content may still be king, but by next year, Internet video traffic may represent 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. This reality makes it vital that you optimize your YouTube video so that it attracts as many views as possible.

Based on how YouTube ranks videos, you have control over the first three of the five criteria it uses to rank videos:




Number of views


The first and most crucial – the title – may be deceptively simple. Even the most spirited creators will admit they often struggle to capture the essence of their work in a few pithy words.

For this reason, it may be worthwhile to ask the members of your creative team to view a video and suggest several titles. A collaborative effort – one that pulls the best elements of each suggestion – could result in a title that:

Is concise and attention-grabbing

Includes the most important keywords at the beginning (as opposed to the end)

Contains a strong verb

Conveys a compelling (but not overstated) emotion

Exudes timeliness by including the year or season of the year

Promote “close to home” first

Like most marketing tactics, promotion often is most effective when it begins “close to home” and then branches out – growing deep before growing wide.

This is another way of saying not to overlook two obvious promotional tactics that could yield huge results early on:

Make your video visible on your company website and blog.

Send links to the video to your clients, perhaps via another proven marketing tactic: an email marketing campaign.

Create a secondary campaign – including friends, neighbors and family members – and ask them to share your video with their online contacts.

Turn up Your Promotion

Now that you've laid a solid groundwork for your video, you can turn up that flame and:

Make your video accessible on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. (If your business doesn't have the best online presence on these platforms, now is a great time to improve your social media profiles.)

Employ some good ol' public relations techniques, especially press releases, to contact bloggers, reporters, editors and other influencers to generate publicity for your video.

Forge some strategic alliances with companies that share your audience but are not in direct competition with you. So much the better if these companies are already “YouTube savvy” or are using the channel in ways you wish to replicate.

Create a blog for your videos. With WordPress, even novices can embed videos onto a blog with relative ease.

Create a YouTube playlist, which also appear in search results. Be sure to give the list a catchy name, add a powerful description and group similar videos in one playlist for maximum exposure.

It's a rare company that can handle all the moving parts of a video production, including promotion, without the expertise of a team that specializes in every aspect of this most creative endeavor. The team at Clum can help while becoming your best marketing advocate.

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