Somya Singh

7 techniques to plan your trip in 2019

Money is rare. Therefore, we would like to appease a bit of human salary with 7 techniques to make travel plans worthwhile. Say that traveling is fun and worth it. It's worth the time to lose and not lose work as well. What are the 7 techniques? Let's see.

Check holiday calendar

Before we can travel, we must first know the annual holidays. Which some annual holidays are Friday Which will be attached to the Saturday-Sunday holidays, so it will allow us to travel for many days Or if the annual holiday falls on Thursday, but Friday we have to work We may also be eligible for vacation or sick leave on Friday. Will have a long break to Thursday

Study the information of the place to go

When you know the exact holiday, the next step is to study the information of the place that we will go. Want to travel to any province, which city, country, study, find information to be ready, such as visa application, transportation, cost of living, interesting tourist attractions, language that uses food, etc.

Determine and allocate tourism budget

After studying the information of the desired location, we must determine the budget that we will use in that trip. Allocate the expenses by roughly Avoid unnecessary expenses. Which part can save, should be economical, such as accommodation. Sleep Hostel will be cheaper than sleeping hotel already. Or buying a car ticket to travel in a country which is more economical, should study and compare costs as well.

Book flights and hotels during promotions.

When determining the budget that will be used for travel trips Even the flight and hotel booking process Of course, booking in advance Booking during the promotion will save us many rupee. Especially booking with websites with the help of klook coupon code that are sincere There are no hidden costs. No booking fees. There is no fee for cutting through credit cards. Which is inevitable, Klook website if anyone wants to book plane tickets and hotels with klook, we guarantee that it is really good.

Find a traveling companion

Finding a traveling companion will save us more money. Because it will help us share both hotel fees, food costs, travel expenses, etc. and also have friends to travel to talk to friends, making travel more fun

Exchange money from money exchange shops in India

If trips to friends Going into a foreign trip, we recommend it to friends. Exchange money from India first Which should check exchange rates from many The place for the most value And should exchange at the money exchange shop Should not go to the airport Because the rate at the exchange shop is better.

Rent a Pocket Wi-Fi with you

Currently, Pocket Wi-Fi can be easily rented and the price is not too expensive. Can take with you in many countries. If we travel together, many people can share the cost of Pocket Wi-Fi together. Convenient for social updates And do not waste money Waste time buying a SIM card of the country we travel to If you want to talk on the phone with someone in India call through the Line application or Messenger. You don't have to pay for the call.

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