Top 5 Fascinating Facts about Orthopedics You Ought to Know About

Orthopedics is described as the branch of surgery dealing with the often non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment of musculoskeletal system. There are various sub-branches in orthopedics such as spinal, sports injuries, degenerative diseases.

The Indian Orthopaedic Association is an orthopedic organization providing musculoskeletal education to orthopedic surgeons and others around the world. Each year they publish a research regarding orthopedics in the India. Belowwe, I have compiled best 5 fascinating facts from about the same.

1. The majority of orthopedic practice from the India is done by private clinics

According to the statistics, private facilities work almost 81% of the orthopedics in india while public institutions account for just 2% of the practices. The remaining 17% is shared between academic practice by 9%, medical centre practice with 4%, military practice 2%, HMO/Pre-paid practice 2%, non-military 1%, and non-military with 1%.

2. Orthopedics has 10 sub-specialty, and 86% of orthopedics surgeons in India have one fellowship in one area, and only 1% have fellowships in 3 or more.

The fellowships are as follows together with the percentage of surgeons:


Sports Medicine 28.4

Hand Surgery 20

Spine Surgery 14

Total Joint 9.6

Adult Knee 9.1

Pediatric Orthopedics 8.8

Adult Reconstruction 8.5

Adult Hip 7.6

Trauma and fractures 7.6

Shoulder and Elbow 7.3

3. The research noted that 19% of payments towards orthopedic surgery treatment came from private sources.

Self-pay and private insurance outnumbered public insurance when it came to paying for health care services. While 33% of the payments were made towards managed care, payments for Preferred Private Organization (PPO) stood at 24.2percent and Health Maintenance Organization HMO at 8.5 percent. Payments from government resources were primarily Medicare with 24.8percent and Medicaid with 7.1 percent.

4. Almost 86% of time of orthopedic surgeons are spent on clinical practices alone.

The analysis noted that orthopedic surgeons that are practicing fulltime in practices spent 86% of their time on clinical substances like surgical, patient around ups and follow ups, and official documentation. The remainder of the time is spent involving teaching, administrative task, research, and other miscellaneous work. It also revealed that 16% of the complete time orthopedic surgeons reported 100% of their time is spent on clinical practices.

5. Mumbai has the greatest number of orthopedic surgeons while indore has highest grossing surgeon density for each 100,000 population.

Mumbai is the most populous city in India close to delhi also has the greatest number of surgeons practicing orthopedics and its sub-specialties with 2,180 full-time surgeons. On the other hand, indore that is the least densely populated state in India performed in maintaining a fantastic patient surgeons ratio with 12.17 surgeons per 100,000 individuals.

As orthopedics is an ever evolving field, it is worthwhile to say that these amounts are likely to change down the road. Indian Orthopaedic Association is constantly updating these amounts and it can be located only on their site. To learn more orthopedic doctors in thane ghodbunder road you can check currae hospital which in one of the best orthopedic hospitals in Mumbai.

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