Deepak Gupta

5 Good Reasons To Entrust Your Kitchen Renovation To Professionals

Does your kitchen need a new look and more functionality? Are you hesitating between renovating your kitchen yourself or calling on the services of professional renovators? Before making your decision, we invite you to consult 5 good reasons to entrust the renovation of your kitchen to professionals.

1. Renovating your kitchen takes time and skill

Renovation requires time and commitment. If you do your own renovations, you will have to plan the purchase of materials, carry out the work, supervise the electrician and plumber, etc. If you work full time, you will have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

If you work full time, this work will involve several evenings and weekends. Also, keep in mind that you will have to live in a messy house for the duration of the work. At the beginning of the project, you will probably be very motivated, but you will have to keep up the pace until the end of the work by being persistent.

By choosing professionals to renovate your kitchen, the work will be completed at a much faster pace because well-trained teams will be working on the job. If you opt for refacing, that is, replacing your current cabinet doors with new ones without replacing your cabinets, or simply go for the kitchen cabinet refinishing, the work could take as little as 1 to 2 days! Your kitchen will quickly transform before your astonished eyes.

2. Take advantage of professional advice

Before taking action, you should take the time to rethink the layout of your kitchen (if necessary). How can you make it more functional? How can you optimise your storage space? You could find kitchen professionals having a lot of experience in this field and know all the storage tips and accessories that could make your life easier in your kitchen (e.g.: corner cabinet system, optimising bin/recycling space, storage for large utensils, a sliding system for cabinets, etc.).

Be aware that, legally, some tasks should be reserved for professionals. This is the case, for example, for electrical work that requires the services of an electrician, such as adding electrical outlets.

3. Doing business with professionals is a guarantee of quality

Renovation professionals are licensed, which ensures that construction laws and regulations are applied. This ensures that the work will be well done and of high quality. For example, your quartz lunch counter, it must have a maximum depth of 15 inches to prevent it from tipping over and also leave enough space for your legs once you are sitting on the stool.

4. Turnkey solution

By dealing with professionals, you won't need to buy or rent all the tools that would be needed to renovate your kitchen. Renovation companies already have their toolboxes well stocked.

They will also provide blankets to protect your floors and they will take care of transporting the renovation waste to a sorting centre, an eco-centre or a recycler once the renovation is complete.

In addition, a renovation company will accompany you through every step of your project. Renovating a kitchen involves several people, whether it's replacing cabinet doors, sinks/faucets, countertops, electrical outlets, or installing the hood and ceramic backsplash.

5. Have peace of mind even after the renovations

Once the renovations are complete, you will walk through the work with the project manager to ensure that all the cabinet doors fit properly and that you are satisfied with the final result.

Also, should one of your cabinet doors become damaged after a few months, simply look at the code on the inside surface of the cabinet door to order a new one. In this case, you can contact your renovation contractor and have them do it for you.

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