Do Oak Aged Brandy And Spirits Offer Any Health Benefits?

There are a number of different aspects of any health benefits of oak-aged brandy and spirits. The prime component is the spirit of the wine itself. It has been considered for a long time, and the latest research seems to support it, that moderate consumption of 1 or even 2 alcoholic drinks a day can increase an average lifespan of an otherwise healthy individual. It is noticed to raise the good HDL cholesterol, prevents blood sticking and platelet clumping, causing blood clots which could further lead to stroke or heart attacks, and also helps prevent the taking on of parasites in areas where safe drinking water is not available.

Grape and wine spirits comprise of several healthy polyphenol antioxidants, gallic acid, and resveratrol, which helps combat cell damage, which could further lead to cancer. The antioxidants are long been considered to provide anticancer benefits, and the potent antioxidants in wine, red wine and grape spirits are no exception at all. Resveratrol and flavonoids go further by preventing the stickiness of the platelets that may cause blood clotting, resulting in stroke and heart attack. Buy brandy UK today!

The other aspect related to oak-aged brandy is a specifically potent antioxidant that is found in the oak barrels. It is the same antioxidant which is found in several vegetables and fruits, such as pomegranates, raspberries, pecans, walnuts, strawberries, grapes, and other natural products. It is referred to as ellagic acid, and is highly concentrated in the oak wood that the aging barrels are made of. The acid is leached into these aging barrels during the period of oak aging. The temperature fluctuation in different aging environments make the liquid penetrate in the wood barrel and comes out again, several times, hence infusing the liquid with a lot of ellagic acid from the oak. This would happen with any oak aged liquid, most commonly aged brandy, cognac, wines, Scotch whiskies and bourbon, and even aged rums. All of these alcoholic beverages comprise heft amounts of ellagic acid along with various other components which are inherent in the drinks before the aging process. Do you want to buy brandy Germany?

Oak aged brandy and spirits offer numerous health benefits. Always remember the fact that the key to integrating such beverages into a healthy diet plan is moderation. When you are considering alcoholic beverages, more does not prove better, and you should stick to just one or max two drinks a day to limit your risk of turning the amazing health benefits into a huge liability. Ensure to enjoy your drink responsibly and you can have a tastier and longer life!

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