Making Sense Of Supplements: Why Do We Need Them?

We live in a dichotomous age. On one side, we in the western world, face the highest levels of obesity ever seen as we indulge in a diet of junk food, convenience deliveries and take-aways. High carb, high sugar, high salt foods that pile on the pounds with little to nourish the body or mind. On the other side of the equation is a burgeoning health industry. Supplements, Superfoods and lifestyle choices. Its a fast growing industry and more and more people are looking to the internet resource to discover the true facts about the food we eat and the lack of nutrition most of it contains.

So large is the market today that the corporate bods that sell us junk are now trying to make their offerings look palatable. It even has a name. ‘Green Washing’. Green washing is the marketing term for those ‘green’ marketing terms they use to sell you the idea that their product is good! Eco, Bio and in some cases even using organic. Anything that fits within the very loose rules is fair game, so beware!

The fact is that since the start of over production of the great majority of the agricultural industry back in the late 50’s, the amount of nutrient value you receive from even the basic fruit and veg has been declining. Poor soil management and overuse of chemicals and pesticides means you are now getting less of the good stuff you need and quite a lot of the really bad stuff that you don’t.

So, if you feel caught between a rock and a hard place, it is likely that you may choose to look to supplementing your diet through other means. But don’t be fooled. They see you coming and the supplement market is a billion dollar industry that may have developed with the best of intentions but choosing what you take and where you get it from is as big a minefield as distinguishing between green washed produce and the real deal.

These days sourcing your nutrients needs to be the priority. Whether it is foodstuffs or supplements. Know the company, what they stand for, how they source raw materials and as much as possible, learn the science. Its all out there on the inter-web! So don’t be afraid to look.

As a case in point let’s look at the biggest shop in the world, Amazon. Amazon sells millions of products a day on behalf of millions of vendors,(sellers). But who are these sellers? Are they companies, with corporate offices? Well you might be interested to know that there is a whole industry devoted to selling on Amazon, where individuals with money to invest are taught the Amazon system. How to source the cheapest goods from manufacturers in China and other Far Eastern economies. How to package and import the goods directly to Amazon warehouses to sell to the millions of unsuspecting customers. Very few of these entrepreneurial wizards will have the level of liability insurance should something go wrong. Buy for under $1 and sell at $10 is the mantra and the consumer driven economy that is America will blindly keep buying it.

The moral of this tale is don’t be fooled by the glossy pictures and slick marketing terms. Dig a little deeper. Check the address of the seller. See if they answer their phone. Look at their website and see what sort of people are in charge. One good test is to see if they have a Google Business Page. Type in their company name and see if they appear on the right hand side of the google results. Google send out postcards with a verification number to everyone who asks for a My Business page. It means they are actually at the address quoted.

In conclusion, we live in a difficult age. Soon the chances of getting cancer will be less than 50% and most of this is down to the world we live in and what we put into our bodies as fuel. The world around us may be out of our control for the most part but at least you can help yourself by being that little bit more careful about what you use for fuel. Make sense!

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