How to get private dental insurance

Health private dental insurance plan there are changes that are mandated by Congress the Defense Authorization Act as well as two new contracts that we've issued recently DHA is kind of working to use both those opportunities .

To really build a stronger more integrated and patient centered system of care for our patients so before kind of get into the changes directly I want to take a quick moment to discuss a military health system and just let you know where

The defense health agency fits in in addition I think it's important that folks understand that the military health system is a lot more than just a TRICARE benefit so our mission really simply is to ensure the health and readiness of

America's service members to go anywhere at any time in support of this mission we also deliver in coordinated care for nine point four million Americans many of which are Blue Star family members as.

well as retirees and their families so we we also just it's important to note that the military house is - just due to some of the recent worst his end event is ending up leading health care industry in Sylva areas such as prosthesis prosthesis traumatic brain injury and burn care so .

who we are so we're the military health system is comprised of several different components to the department defense I will not bore you with a bunch of acronyms veins and whatnot but .

we simply have some of the seals list listed at the bottom of bottom of the slide there so in the Joint Staff the services medical services we have the uniformed health services University.

as well as the defense health agency and you know what do we do so it's this important like I mentioned our primary mission is health and readiness of the forest so this includes

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