How to fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02?

HP printers are handy when comes to functionality and portability, but sometimes they do not work as they supposed to be.

Most HP encounters the error 49.4c02, it is a well-known error in the HP community. This error disturbs the tasks that are being performed on the printer right now. Most of the times this error is caused by the print jobs that are in the queue. Users just need to fix the queue jobs by deleting them.

If this issue is recurrent on your printer, here are some solution to fix it all together.

How to fix HP printer error 49.4c02

Follow these instructions and fix this error caused by a jam of processes.

Delete the print jobs

To delete the jobs in the print queue, you need to follow two three steps.

1. Click on the printer icon located on the bottom right corner of your windows taskbar.

2. Now, open the print queue list.

3. Delete the print jobs one by one.

Printing a test page

Turn off the printer and remove the data cable from the printer and then power it back on. If your printer goes in the ready state then it means that you’ll be able to print test pages now.

If test page prints then your error is solved and you don’t need to follow along. But if you aren’t able to print test page then you need to visit official HP website and get their help.

Disable some advanced printing features

To disable some advanced printing features you need to follow these simple steps.

1. Open printer properties through Windows start.

2. Now, select the printer queue

3. Now, choose the option of printing preference

4. You’ll see an advance option there

5. Then under Document option choose Advance Printing features

6. Now disable it

This will most likely solve all your printing issue. If not then follow along with the next solution.

Check to see if you’re using the Franklin Gothic Book Font

Sometimes when you give a print job with the Franklin Gothic Book font, it simply displays this error and doesn’t print. In this case, you can do the following

1. You can enable the Send true type as Bitmaps setting under the advanced tab of the PCL 5e and PCL5 drivers.

2. For PS drivers set True Type Font Download to Bitmap, you need to head over to PostScript Options under the advanced tab to do this.

Both of these solutions will allow the printer to print without the error code 49.4c02.

Update the firmware of the printer to get rid of this error

Updating the firmware can also fix this error. You just need to be connected to a computer to update the firmware.

1. First, you need to check the firmware version of your printer, you can do that by printing print configuration to a test page.

2. Now, download the firmware from the official website and the update it using the command prompt.

If this doesn’t help your case either then the only thing you’re left with is to contact the experts at HP help center and state your case. Only they’ll be able to help you in this case and fix the error 49.4c02.

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