Diksha Sharma

Education Provided at IB Schools is Better than Schools with State Boards

IB which stands for international baccalaureate is a curriculum that is followed globally. Introduced by a Swiss gentleman in 1968 it aimed to provide quality education and overall development of the child. IB is now present in more than 150 countries and is a well-respected educational curriculum. IB is one of a kind educational curriculum as it offers a lot more than the standard national boards.

The international school admission procedure is as simple as it can get, essential documents like identity proof, address proof are needed and if needed parents and kids can be called for an interview also. If we talk about India, in India the most dominant board is their national board CBSE. CBSE has been the choice of India for many years now, other boards like ICSE are also very prevalent.

Even though CBSE has been the primary choice of Indians for the past several decades it has now started to show its age, the curriculum of CBSE has become very outdated now as the government authorities have failed to update them. CBSE follows the same old regime and the syllabus is also not updated very often, another big problem with CBSE is the concept of the curriculum.

CBSE only focuses on theory and practical in their curriculum which is essential but developing the overall personality of a child is also important. Programmes like those of IB focus on all the areas be it theoretical, practical, extra-curricular etc. The primary focus of IB is to create an asset. IB’s curriculum is divided into three programmes which include Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP), all these programmes are like junior school, middle school and high school respectively.

Most of the international schools offer the IB programmes, IB stepped onto the shores of India in 1976, and since then the number of schools with IB has continuously been growing. IB has a lot of advantages and to name a few:

Critical Thinking – Due to the engaging and unique programmes at IB students are forced to have critical thinking. At IB students are given essays to write which involves analysing and critiquing the situation.

Educational Experience with the Right Blend – IB is popular for the kind of approach it has towards its students. Subjects are mainly divided into different categories like mathematics, social sciences, sciences, language and so on. It is compulsory for students to take a group of subjects and study them, this helps the students in choosing whatever they like which also increases the output.

International Recognition – IB is an internationally recognised curriculum and is present all over the globe. It has value all over the world due to the structure of its curriculum which readies the students for universities. Children who perform well in their final years in the diploma programme are even awarded international credits which helps them in getting into universities and clears their paths.

Focuses on the Overall Development – IB is famous for students who are rich in knowledge, not just the academic but general knowledge and awareness also. They are usually good at extra-curricular activities also which makes them an all-rounder, IB’s curriculum even focuses on developing the child as a human and teach him/her the values of life and so on.

With so much to offer and so many advantages over the state boards, it is evident that IB provides a lot more value in their course. Choosing the right curriculum for your child can be a very tiring task as the future of your child depends on it, IB is the choice if you want to see your child prosper and grow in all areas.

There is not any specific age criteria for school admission school till the time the child is aged between 3 to 19 years he is good to go. Some of the best international schools in Mumbai like MLSI (Mount Litera School International) offer IB courses with an excellent infrastructure, which shows how easily IB is available mainly in the big cities.

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