Diksha Sharma

IB Education: Build Independent, Life-long Learners

In this world of corporate and accomplished individuals, it has turned into a need for us to be well educated. Individuals have turned out to be skillful and everyone being knowledgeable are searching for opportunities, this has prompted a critical change in how Indians think.

When a kid was born around a decade ago parents rarely thought about the education board of the school in which he/she would study, instead, back then CBSE was the standard education board which everyone preferred. However, now looking at the present circumstance parents need to equip their children with the best education so that they can stay competitive. To build up their kids, it is fundamental for parents to furnish them with the best education.

On the other hand, boards like CBSE can provide education but falls behind when it comes to the overall development of a child. A decent education doesn't just mean gaining knowledge from books and giving exams; instead, it additionally holds many different aspects in a student’s life like making them a decent human, teaching them how to behave and a ton of different things which books can't teach.

Another considerable disadvantage of the CBSE board is that the syllabus of CBSE isn't refreshed as often as possible, for example, the most recent syllabus refresh occurred in 2010 which was around 8 years ago, then again, international baccalaureate schools in India (IB) refresh their syllabus consistently so that their students have the most recent information.

India is home to a lot of top international schools, the first being opened in 1976, IB schools have been available in our nation for over 40 years. Numerous International Schools offer the IB training programme as a choice, which gives the understudies full access to various streams.

There are many advantages of pursuing an IB programme due to which they have been creating quite a stir in the Indian market, and another reason is that when they are compared with State Boards like CBSE Board, they outshine them. IB schools can also be found all over the globe, to be exact they are available in around 146 nations with more than a million students. The popularity of IB around the world makes it very competitive which makes it match the international standards.

IB programme is divided into three parts; PYP (Primary Years Program) which is from kindergarten to class 5, MYP (Middle Years Program) which is from class 6 to 9) and after that DP (Diploma Program) which is the secondary school; class 11 and 12. IB programmes are more application based not at all like CBSE which is hypothesis based, IB centres around handy encounters they are more effective.

As IB refreshes its syllabus consistently, IB students don't confront any trouble when introduced to any technological advancement or discovery. Another huge advantage that IB courses have is that amid the Diploma Programme, students who do well in their chosen subjects get international credits which in turn helps them in taking admission in top universities around the globe.

It isn't hard to get admission in an IB school, and it is as simple as a CBSE school. The procedure of admission in an International school is basic you just need documents like attested address proof, some passport size photographs and an interview of the child can be taken. IB schools teach your children, as well as they set them up for the existence which is lying ahead. Getting your kid admitted to an International School which offers an IB program is the best thing you can do for them.

It isn't that your child won't get taught in a CBSE board, but seeing the condition of it, the reservations we confront and the quality of the education, it is quite evident that CBSE is not up to the mark. Settling on the correct decision at the ideal time is imperative for the parents and the kids, as once a child starts studying under CBSE it would be difficult for him/her to adapt to IB. To take India to new heights and build up our economy it is essential for our children to take admission in an international school which gives them a good education.

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