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The best 5 laptops for programmers in 2021

Computers are the keys tools for any programmer, especially laptops. It can certainly increase your productivity and comfort with a great keyboard and mouse, but even without a good computer, we cannot work.

There are many different programmers, those that utilize the terminal for all things, and even coding, like myself who use Java-based IDEs, which are a little resource-intensive. Web developers, desktop developers, game developers, and much more are available.

We will focus the article on numerous developers because of so many tastes and styles, not too special, so computers that enable most of us to love our job and generate amazing worth.

The correct combination of OS, resources, and convenience will be the best laptops for coding. Let's look at the best 5 laptops for programmers in 2021 without more delay. Also, you can see the best laptops for work and gaming in 2021

Here, we list out the best 5 laptops for programmers in 2021:

- Dell XPS 15

- Apple Macbook Pro 16

- Asus Zenbook Duo 14

- Lenovo ThinkPad P1

- HP Envy 13

Dell XPS 15:

The Dell XPS 15 is the first computer on our list. The performance is expedient and the design is aesthetically attractive. The dell XPS 15 is my laptop and I adore it today.

The laptop has a wonderful 15.6" screen resolution of up to 4k. Dell provides multi-set laptops for different price levels with choices to use Intel's i5-i7, 8-64GB RAM, 256 GB-1TB SSD storage and Intel Iris Plus graphics, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. Dell also offers a laptop with different budget levels.

The specialized performance of graphics enables you to manage heavy visual operations, such as video editing or rendering. The battery is another amazing feature of it. The battery life is good, so you don't need to be hooked into a desk when you want to use this powerful gadget.

The laptop does not officially support Linux, and even if you contact dell operators, they state that Linux does not have support. Most Linux distributions would, however, operate on such machines without any problems. From Arch, Manjaro, Linux Mint, Ubuntu I'm running anything on my laptop.


- Fast performance

- Eye-catching design


- GTX 1650 Ti is a little weak

- The 15-inch screen might be too large for some

Apple MacBook Pro 16:

We can’t speak about the best laptops for programming without talking about the MacBook Pro 16. It is one of the bests all-around laptops, including MacOS, and its typical performance. The 16 inch model with an M1 CPU is still waiting.

It integrates brilliantly and easily with the strong control line and UNIX like architecture, providing the best of the two worlds. MacOS is excellent for designers. When the budget is not a problem, a MacBook Pro is worthwhile.

This laptop is so popular with developers that most organizations now provide you a default MacBook Pro laptop.


- The excellent Retina Display has grown in size and has thinner bezels.

- Revamped keyboard.

- Comfortable, XL-size touchpad.

- Superb audio quality.

- Powerful Intel Core i9 and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M.

- Long battery life.

- SSD storage options up to 8TB.


- Lacks microSD slot, USB Type-A ports

- As ever, no touch-screen option

- Expensive as configured

Asus ZenBook 14 Duo:

An alternative laptop kind is ZenBook 14 Duo. The first time they glance at it, most individuals sprinkle with disturbance. Speak in one box about the combination of creativity, art, power, and performance. The powerful RTX Studio Laptop has a 4K ASUS ScreenPadTM Plus with full-width, flawlessly worked with the principal 4K UHD OLED display, designed to offer you the best advantage in workflow efficiency.

ZenBook 14 Duo sports the primary 4K UHD OLED screen 15.6-inch. With a quadruple, ultra sized bezel design the 4K UHD NanoEdge OLED HDR4 display on your computer is awesome.

This 4K secondary touch screen is full width, works well with the main 15.6-inch 4K UHD OLED touch screen to enable you to maximize and customize your workflow in an unlimited way.

Asus ZenBook 14 Duo includes a palm rest in the box to improve the comfort and ergonomics of the style.


- The secondary display is very useful

- Great performance all-around

- ErgoLift hinge design

- Wi-Fi 6 support


- The keyboard is cramped; some unusual layout

- The main display is not touch-enabled

Lenovo ThinkPad P1:

If you want the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 to be considered after a laptop to take your programming to another level.

With up to six cores, an Nvidia Quadro T2000 graphics card, and up to 64GB of RAM this very powerful workstation laptop provides professional Xeon processors.

You may add up to 4TB of nVME SSD, and choose a 15.6-inch 4K display that is not just touch-sensitive, but also color-exact. It's an excellent general-use workstation that can function in all sorts of visual design and work with heavy-duty lifting systems.

Naturally, coding works wonderfully too. This was due mainly to the great keyboard design of Lenovo, but the ThinkPad P1 has been excellently constructed in general, including a semi-robust chassis with a light-knocks survival and a highly healthy port selection.


- Incredible performance in a slim chassis

- On a laptop, this is one of the best display available


- The standard for wired ethernet has changed to a new ‘mini' version.

- Not vastly cheaper than Apple’s premium models

HP Envy 13:

For programmers seeking a beautiful yet reliable laptop to work on, the new HP Envy 13 is a wonderful choice.

The dimensions and weight of this popular 13-inch laptop were recently reduced by HP. It's both powerful and portable, thanks to a high-quality touch-sensitive display. The laptop's body has also been redesigned, with a sumptuous all-metal construction that gives it a premium appearance and feels while also protecting it from knocks and bumps. It certainly lives up to the 'Envy' title; wear it to work and you'll attract admiring stares from your coworkers.

The touchpad is wide enough to be quite comfortable, and the keyboard has enough of travel, with page up and down buttons - both essential features of a laptop for extended coding sessions.


- Premium look and feel

- Terrific keyboard


- No 4K option if you want that

Minimum & Recommend System Requirements in Laptops for programmers:

Minimum System Requirements:

- CPU - 9th Gen Intel Core i5

- RAM - 8GB

- Storage - 256BGB SSD

- Display - 13.3-inch FHD

- GPU - Integrated Intel UHD 620

- Battery - Up to 5 hours

Recommend System Requirement:

CPU - 10 Gen Intel Core i7

RAM - 16GB

Storage - 512GB SSD

Display - 15.6-inch FHD IPS

GPU - 4GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650

Battery - Up to 8 hours


No laptop can tick all the criteria, although every category has big computers. The Dell XPS today is my favorite laptop. In the past, I owned various laptop models and they never dropped me. They offer strong Linux support, good pricing hardware, and well-designed laptops.

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