Bored During Quarantine Right Now? These 5 Games Are Still Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, you and most of the rest of the world are in quarantine and in a state of self-isolation. Quarantine may feel like boredom and we all are finding ways to stay busy and to be more productive. This quarantine is a state of boredom for all of us to be very honest and we're all getting bored of everything. Well, no more because I have discovered the top five best games for you and play when you're bored in this quarantine.

1- Outspell

Whether you're a word expert or a beginner, you will love to outspell. It seems and is difficult but worth playing for sure. Outspell is a free word game similar to Scrabble. Outspell may seem like the typical word puzzle game at first sight, but in actual this game is filled with fun and twists. And if you're a Scrabble lover then what are you waiting for ? Go and get a glance at this game.

2- The Impossible quiz

This quiz is a classic brainteaser but it is so funny at the same time. The game does make zero sense but if you've played it in your childhood then you can play it again to challenge yourself how many answers you remember. This game hasn't gone out of the most challenging games and it still is as puzzling and knotty as it was before. It is a platform where you can solve the hardest questions ever and can judge your intelligence.

3- Word Whomp

This game is such a tremendous spelling game that dares to make a word with 6 letters. That sounds pretty easy but in actuality but you have to use your brain to think deeply. Anyone who loves discovering new words and loves making them by themselves is surely going to love this game. Even if you're not really good at the English language you're really going to enjoy this game because it will improve your speaking and writing skills. It is too attractive and tempting to be resisted and once you will play this game you will definitely love it on your first try.

4- Geometry Dash

Jump and fly your way through danger. Geometry dash is a rhythm-based platform game in which your main objective is to control block, cube, ball, or a UFO and jump through complicated obstacles to reach the end of the game. Doesn't it sound interesting, if yes then go ahead and give it s try? The fun fact each level has very cheesy background music so people who have a great taste in music will love this game for sure.

5- Just Words

Just words is a scrabble type game in which you have to use 6 letters tiles to make a word and outwit your opponent. But keep in mind that your words must be connected to the previous words that you made. I've always wanted to make words with tiles but never got a chance to do it, if this has happened to you also then why don't we play just words.

These were all the top five best games that I dug up for you guys. Do give each of them a try and give your feedback.

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