Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Worth Playing in 2021?

We have come a long, long way with this game, I just can't believe it's been over 16 years and this game is still alive and kicking with thousands of players still playing this game, both the PC and mobile version of the game.

Even though, Rockstar has released other great titles after this game such as GTA 4, GTA 5 but if we ever decide to play this game, we still would end up playing this game for hours without getting bored and that's one thing consistent about Rockstar games, they give you a perfect game that you can just back to even after decades and still enjoy it.

Not many games have been able to do that, take Cyberpunk 2077 for instance, they spend an awful lot of time developing their best title but even after the release, the game had so many bugs and glitches needed to be fixed and many of the main features in the game were not even close to GTA San Andreas' which tells a lot about how good this game still is.

Why Should you play GTA San Andreas in 2021?

There is just so much that this game offers to the player besides the main quest and storyline, there are ton of things you could do to have fun in the game. It offers you complete freedom with so little constraints, something that we don't see in any of the other games. You could spend hours playing the game, doing the side activities without getting bored at all.

GTA San Andreas multiplayer

One of the best features, when it comes to the Open-World action adventure games is the multiplayer functionality, Not many games offer this and definitely not at such a large scale. Despite the fact that this game was released all the way back in 2004, it offers multiplayer experience, although not official servers but still you could play the game with thousands of online players in San Andreas Multiplayer mode or SAMP.

GTA San Andreas APK

Another great thing about this game is that you can play it on your android devices. Yes! you heard me right, GTA San Andreas has an official android version with as cool graphics and gameplay which is totally worth it. You can just go ahead and download GTA San Andreas APK and play it right on your mobile phones without having to worry about the game requirements.

Our Verdict

These are just few of the many great features that make this game so good even after all these years and all these games. So, if you haven't played game yet and wondering if it’s worth playing in 2021, well yes! it definitely is worth playing!

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