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Top Chinese Web Novel Of 2017

In the year of 2017, we will have a large number of Chinese Web Novel to read. Among these novels, we can see all types that readers hope to find: Xian Xia, fantasy, and romance. Here we compiled a list of the ten most anticipated Chinese web novel in 2017, and every fan should not miss them.

And the No 1 is Tales of Demons and Gods 《妖神记》, it reached 200000 Queries/M at Google search.


In his past life, Nie Li was the strongest Demon Spiritist and stood at the pinnacle of the martial world. However, he lost his life during the battle with the Sage-Emperor, and the Six Deity Ranked Beast.

His soul was then brought back to when he was still 13 years old. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only Red soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge which he accumulated from his previous life, he trained faster than anyone. He aims to protect the city which in the coming future will be assaulted by beasts and end up destroyed, as well as protect his lover, friends and family who died in the beast assault. And to kill the Sacred family whom abandon their duty and betrayed the city in his past life.

2. Against the Gods 《 逆天邪神》80000 Queries/M

In the magical demon community, the descendants of the family, soon after their birth, their parents were chased by Tianwei Jianyu and Sun Moon Palace Team for their reincarnation. Their father’s best friend Xiao Ying used his kids to swap him to guard his life secretly. When he killed, he had been poisoned by the Sun Moon Palace Team at the time of his passing. His parent’s desperation forced the poison to the Xuanmai and left it, causing the Xuanmai to ruin his strength and failing to crack during the first-Hyun level at age sixteen. Smuggled poisonously by Xiao Yulong, tripping reentry mirrors and returning to the mainland.

3. Hail the King 《国王万岁》60000 Queries/M

A grassroots holding the growth of the invincible by cheat, Tekken unstoppable from the world’s struggle history — funny bloodstream vessels eat tiger!

An empire started at the end of the dynasty, and the bloody men hurled their swords and swords to the beautiful hymns of this sword — the battlefield’s broken iron clothes and the blood was still not cold.

A little person who mastered the glorious ‘Golden Thigh’ spanned into a small king, and he abandoned another invincible legend in this cold and cruel world.

Traversing to become the king of a nation, Sun Fei imagined sleeping at beautiful knees and waked up gain the power of the world. But cruel enemies came to the door, to rob him of his food, burn his room, kill his people. Fortunately, Sun Fei has golden thighs — entering the world of Diablo, working hard to bring the game’s capabilities and even equipment to reality.

4. Wu Dong Qian Kun 《武动乾坤》60000 Queries/M

Born in the town of Qingyang, the decline of the Lin family, the background of the Lin family split. A mysterious stone symbol was found in the space above the stone lake to enhance its strength. After the ancient wood was acquired, it became a rune master. Adopted a variation of the fire tiger, found an evil demon spirit in the stone rune to help himself. With his perseverance and dedication to practice. To defeat Lin Lang in the two years after the clan tribe meeting, he left Yancheng to find Ancestral Rune.

5. Douluo Dalu 《斗罗大陆》50000 Queries/M

Tang San, a disciple outside Tang Men, was incapable of learning from the Tang Men because he stole. When he jumped out of the cliff, he discovered that he was not dead. Instead, he came to another world with another identity. One belongs to the world of Wuhun, named Douluo Dalu. There is no magic here, no grudge, no martial arts, but there are magical martial arts. Everyone here, at the age of six, will awaken the Wuhun in the Wuhun Temple. The Wuhun has animals, plants and utensils. The Wuhun can assist people’s daily life. Some of the outstanding martial arts can be used to cultivate and fight. This career is the most powerful and glorious professional “soul division” on the continent.

The small Tang San began his soul-training practice in the Holy Village and created the dream of rejuvenating Tang Men. When the Tang Men concealed weapon came to the Douluo Dalu, Tang San’s soul awakened, could he recreate the glory of Tang Men in this world of Wuhun?

6. True Martial 《真武世界》50000 Queries/M

Involved in a catastrophe of all the mightiest of the 33rd day, the Emperor and his opponents ended up fighting and broke the world of the abyss. Once the artefact of the hole that once sealed the town, a mysterious purple card disappeared. In the swirl of time and space, crossing endless space-time.

The vastness of the wilderness, the martial arts civilisation is still in its infancy, and it is slowly developing. Many barbaric peerless masters are still struggling to explore the road to martial arts.

A young man named Yi Yun took this purple card that he did not know where to come and embarked on a journey.

It is magnificent and full of the unknown real-world world. It is a legend of an extraordinary youngster who has accomplished the master of the world.

7. Martial World 《武极天下》50000 Queries/M

An ordinary boy who dreams of entering the sacred place of Wufu is pursuing the ultimate martial arts. However, in the face of fierce competition assessments, there are also pressures on the family’s children to borrow.

How does a small, ordinary boy stand? The Zongmen heritage is strictly confidential, and the core exercises not widely disseminated. It is so rare that the Dharma inheritance is so precious. Even if they entered the Wufu and Zongmen, and if they want to learn the top martial arts, it is not easy. A small cube from the domain of God opens up a stable world. The practice method must study the top, and the life profession must choose for the election of others. The bloody match-up, the genius competition, the three-foot gun, the one-hundred-mile direct drive, the martial arts ultimate, and the Martial World.

8. The Desolate Era 《莽荒纪》50000 Queries/M

After the epoch-opening of the earth, the ancient Pangu world began to breed a lot of lives. These are the births of heaven, of which the strong can reach the realm of the god and the weak are at the fundamental level. These births of heaven are lovely, and the many immortals that come from the chaos are full of curiosity and no rules. They are either occupiers or occupiers. With the birth of many lives, the ancient world has become even more exciting. Like Sanshou and even a few ancestral gods, they also established organizations one by one, demarcating place, occupying mountains as kings, and even stifling life and death.

9. Release that Witch 《放开那个女巫》50000 Queries/M

The protagonist of the story, 20 years old, came from Earth’s soul traversing. By coincidence, he rescued Anna, and replace the fourth princes of Kingdom. There were good news and bad news for the time traversal. The good news is that he is a prince, not a serf, and he has the right to have money and brother. The bad news is that they have assigned re not only remote but also unrepentant. The situation on the mainland is turbulent. It also riddled with evil, vicious groups of evil spirits. To survive in such sinister environment and to save the innocent witches, Roland used his scientific knowledge of science students and the power of various witches to cultivate technology and realize industrialization, creating a powerful force of his own.

10. King of Gods 《主宰之王》40000 Queries/M

Zhao Feng is unwilling to be mediocre but has an average level of qualifications, but he is determined to be tough. An accident, the fusion of an ancient god’s eyes, “The Ninth God”, from then on, leaping from the Dragon Gate, rise like a comet. When he killed the dead Emperor, he cursed the dead language and seized a Samsung real spirit disciple named Zhao Feng. He entered the wilderness area and broke through to the seventh-order ancient god in the Ninth Deity mutation, and broke nine-step in the Kingdom of the Gods. Ancient God. The “Dream” wakes up after putting “the god of heaven” and “the dream god” in one. Inheriting the ancient forces of Van Gogh, it is now an agrarian environment, to the real world “no phase world,” and finally met with the Yufei, Qin Yin two women and cats.

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