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Training and Education in Health Care

All employees have to be properly trained and educated, in order to be able to handle different situations that may arise. It will also protect both the employee and the company from any cases charged against them. Training and education in health care is very important for the success of an organization. Employees should be trained, in order to fulfill any job requirements.

It is important to train and educate health care professionals. If they are not knowledgeable on different types of medicines, it will destroy health care issues. Both training and education in health care is crucial for the development of individuals and groups. Also, providing proper education and training will minimize errors on health care issues.

There are five steps in progressive discipline, which include:

· Verbal warning - this involves meeting with the employee privately, stating the problem and agreeing on an action plan to correct the problem. The supervisor gives the manager a detailed memo on the conversation, in case more actions need to be taken.

· Written warning - when the problem persists, the supervisor should give the employee a written warning about his behavior and any possible consequences. Standards that will be used to judge the employee should be well stated and the mode of improvement. He should also specify that continuous repetition of the mistakes would result to termination. A copy of the memo should be placed in the employee’s file and the worker should also sign a copy, in order to acknowledge receipt.

· Final written warning - If improvement in performance does not change, provide the worker with a final written warning, accompanied by probation. The supervisor should include copies of the previous warning and indicate on the specific areas that the supervisor ought to improve. Also, a certain period of time should be specified within which the employee should correct his behavior.

· Termination review - In case the problem persists, the supervisor should report to the Human Resource Manager. Supervisors do not have the authority to finally fire the worker.

· Termination is done if the above processes fail. This is done when the human resource is aware that they had given the employee a chance to succeed. This step is rarely used and must be handled with a greater level of caution. If the whole progressive discipline is documented, the court is also aware of it.

Progressive discipline is a process of taking severe measures when an employee fails to correct a problem. The company has a responsibility to train employees on progressive discipline, in order for them to be aware of consequences of job violations. Where the discipline exists, the environment becomes conducive for training and acquiring more knowledge. Progressive discipline and training go hand in hand. The measure put forward to ensure guidelines are followed enables the employees to get used to doing what is right and in the process it becomes a norm.

Addressing a workers’ poor performance is never easy, but, training the worker on recommendations promotes efficiency and acceptable morals that will reduce the cost of termination. A structured training gives an employee a chance to improve. Training on progressive discipline helps to manage employee behavior and their performance.

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