Dr Sandeep Madaan

Ayurvedic management Of Skin

Skin is the largest organ in human body. According to Ayurveda skin is

vata dominant structure. It has six layers and all the six layers possess

possibility of getting particular skin problems that Ayurveda has

mentioned elaborately.

Ayurvedic treatment is holistic in approach as it aims to cure the root

cause of the disease by detoxification thus purifying the body. The toxins

responsible for the underlying disease needs to be treated as per

Ayurveda in priority.

Many skin conditions have cure or At least more than satisfactory Relief

through Ayurveda.

Itching /pruritis :this is a very common complaint in skin diseases. It is

Kapha predominant symptoms as per Ayurveda. Application of Kaner oil

or running kaner leaves with other herbs (Kandughna drugs) relieves

many kind of itches. Application of oil is a good moisturizer as well and

good for skin health. In diseases like chronic eczema and psoriasis one

may need vaman a therapy alongside.

Pigmentation :The most embarrassing symptom in skin diseases is

hyper pigmentation. A lot of factors like hormonal imbalance, allergies

and hypersensitivity are attributes to it.

External application of certain herbs like saffron, Sandal wood and

vetiver are available for good relief. Detoxification is also indicated for

these patients if cause is deep rooted. Keeping homeostasis in balance

and more importantly balancing pitta in the body by diet regulations,

therapies and herbs is indicated for better long term relief.

Psoriasis: it is a chronic non infectious inflammatory skin disease known

as kitibh in Ayurveda. Very reluctant to cure and finds solution in

Ayurveda detoxification. The main complaints are flaques, itching

sometimes burning with affection of joints and nails.

Many sitting of detox therapies along with immuno modulators and blood

purifier herbs combinations are effective way to manage it. Local

application of Medicated oils are also recommended. Virechan therapy

and sometimes vaman are also indicated for expelling deep rooted

toxins causing the problem.

Vitiligo/hypo pigmentation : white patches are cosmetic problem in

sufferer. Though don't cause any itching burning etc yet need to be

managed to relieve low self confidence in sufferers.Natura Psoralens in

psoralia coralifolia is the time tested remedy for it. Detoxification and

immunoboosters are also prescribed as per requirement for long term


Acne: A very common complaint seen in teenagers is acne.

Accompanied by boils, pain, burning and pus formation its more than a

cosmetic issue. Proper bowel cleansing and hygiene are very important.

Diet restrictions like avoiding junk fried spicy and fermented foods are


Medicine like kaishor guggulu, musaffil khoon, gandhak rasayana and

manjishthadi kashaya are normally recommended.

Local application of semal, Kapardika and nut Meg is easy home remedy

for managing it effectively.

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