Hottest Jewelry Styles for the Summer

It’s an uncertain summer for sure, but what is certain is that you need to look your best. Even if you're still staying at home, you want to look your best. Here are some of the hottest styles for the summer.

Nature Earrings

With COVID-19, everyone’s been reminded of the power of nature and why we should be nice to it. One of the best aesthetic earrings of the season is anything centered around animals or nature. As you watch the butterflies in your yard, why not wear some butterfly earrings? Watch the bees pollinate the flowers while you wear bee earrings. Or represent the more dangerous side of nature with snakes and snake earrings.

The Single Earring

This has become quite popular. While having cute pairs of identical earrings are always a good choice, some people are liking the idea of one single earring. One idea you could do, if you have a significant other, is to have matching heart earrings. Of course, this can work with any style of earring.

Object Earrings

The fact we are staying at home more has made some fashionable people be a little more mindful about their household objects and what could make a good style of earring. Some people get earrings that are shaped like pens, which can be good for the writer who works at home.

Others may look into trending fun and fruit-inspired earrings. Cherry kiss earrings or cherry earrings are popular selections for this.

Small Hoop Earrings

Another popular style of earrings is hoop. While big hoops are always popular, some people are trying to be more compact, and this has given birth to mini hoop earrings, also known as baby hoop earrings.

With hoop earrings, one thing you can do to look awesome is to have the colors match the rest of your look. For instance, some people may get red hoop earrings to complement their red outfit or to have a cool contrast to the rest of their outfit.

Bright, Colorful Earrings

Golden and silver earrings are so bougie. Why not look for more colorful options? With the world being uncertain, many people are wanting some color in their lives. One option you can do is bright, neon earrings. These are especially good if you’re going to a rave, or better yet, a Zoom rave due to social distancing.

And of course, you can always get colorful earrings that match your outfit. For example, pink earrings are always good to wear.

Minimalistic Earrings

Finally, there’s the minimalist. Some designs get simplified over time, and there’s nothing wrong with picking an option that’s a little bit simpler. You can wear earrings that are subtle in appearance, but big on impact. For example, small studs that don’t stick out, but leave a big impact.

Alternatively, you can always pick your own style and roll with it. The options are endless at the end of the day. In conclusion, here are some styles to get you started this hot 2020.

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