One Stop Order Processing

How to save time and money by automating aspects of your business

Our Blog has moved to Merriam-Webster : Definition of automation

The technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically

We sell Integrated Label Paper, it is a brilliant product, A4 paper with one or two peel-out labels, it saves online sellers time by including the postage label in the invoice and so removes the time consuming task of matching up labels with invoices. We spent time automating our order processing system a couple of years ago - we reduced actually processing time from 15 minutes per parcel with our previous manual system to just a few seconds with our current one.

This is what we do :


Orders are downloaded from all of our shops throughout the day and merged into a single database. We sell on 8 different channels in the UK and Australia and so this saves us a lot a time.


As the orders are downloaded, they are scanned automatically and any issues (new customer, changed address, different paper type for example) are identified and those orders are highlighted, we can then check these orders, resolve the issues and approve the orders for dispatch.

Drop Ship

Other orders are approved for delivery and automatically sent over a preset times during the day to our fulfillment house for shipping.


Our software then monitors the orders and lets us know when they have arrived with the customer, we can also easily see if any delivery issues occur and get straight on to sorting them out.

Why is this process beneficial ?

As well as saving time and money, using automation has helped us to grow our business, we can double our sales without needing to double the number of staff to deal with the new sales, our software takes the hard work out of order processing.

I think that everyone can benefit from Automation and I would challenge you to make a list of the key tasks you perform each day and look at ways to remove the hard work from them through Automation. Why not post your key tasks on social media using the #OSOPAUTO and we can help you make these process' possible.

One Stop Order Processing makes automated order processing easy. It allows you to setup rules and systems that will perform tasks on your orders automatically. You stay in total control while the program runs tasks for you, exactly when you need them to be done.

These are the sort of things that you can do with One Stop Order Processing’s automation.

• Downloading orders to a single system from all of your different selling channels

• Checking for certain types of orders, for example, high values ones or perhaps even orders for a particular product and marking them for your attention.

• Reformatting addresses so that they are properly capitalized, this improves the appearance of your parcels and can reduce shipping errors.

• Automatically printing invoices or packing slips for your orders

• Automatically printing your picking lists

• Marking orders shipped on your selling channels

• Allocating the correct courier for your orders.

• Allocating the right shipping service for your orders

• Merging duplicate orders from the same customer

• Checking the delivery status of your orders.

You can find out more about One Stop Order Processing here :

It will cost you nothing to take a look at the software, we have a free trial and will even give you a free installation/training session to help you get it set up and working just as you want it to.

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