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How to Choose a Bread Box for fresh Bread

The purpose of a bread box is to prevent baked goods from drying out by absorbing and storing moisture at room temperature. Usually, they keep the bread about three days fresh. Antiquity that makes bread unsavory is caused by retrogradation, a beautiful term that means that the molecules of starch are crystallized in the baked goods.

Why not keep bread in the fridge? This speeds up the drying process. The retrogradation process accelerates in the colder environment in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, you can store bread in the freezer. This is an excellent choice if you do not make it in three days or so. However, it takes time to thaw and it's never quite the same as fresh.

For at least the first three days a bread box gives you baked products the best consistency, taste, and appearance.

How to choose a bread box

Look for bread boxes that fit well with the color and style of your kitchen. Because there are so many varieties available, your biggest problem is limiting the selection and finding the best that suits your preferences. Other considerations are how much space you have and the local climate.

A bread bins can take quite a lot of countertop space. If you have a small kitchen and there is a lot of space, consider to get one with a flat top, so you can put other things on it. Another great space saving is choosing one with a wooden sheet that serves as a cutting board. The most space-saving choice is an extensible bread box that collapses when you use the bread.

Do you eat lots of baked goods? Even if your countertop space is small, choose an extra large bread box. That way you can keep biscuits, biscuits, hotdog buns, donuts and pastries in the extra space together with your bread and keep them fresh longer.

Is it the most part of the year in which you live warm, or does the temperature fluctuate daily significantly? Buy a non-metallic bread box. Bread gets old faster, the hotter it is and the more temperatures fluctuate. A better choice for this kind of climate is plastic or wood.

Appearance and material

You can find bread bins that fit every decor. Appearances are retro, rustic, ultra modern and functional in every conceivable color.

A big difference in breadbox styles is how they are opened. You can find hinged openings, roll-tops, lids that lift off and those that fall down.

The best bread boxes, although well sealed, provide a certain amount of airflow. This reduces condensation and prevents fungus.

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