5 Necklace Layering Tips for the Summer

There isn’t much that’s perennial about today’s world of fashion. Trends appear overnight and disappear as fast as they came. Amidst all the chaos, a few trends manage to evolve and get recycled. Layering necklaces is one of such trends. Necklace layers are versatile and they give ample room for personal expression. And you get to flaunt as much of your necklace collection as you want. Here are a few ideas that can help you stay ahead of the necklace layering game this summer:

Combine different styles

Necklace layering should be more than simply adding different necklaces. Your ability to mix various styles is what makes your necklace layers truly amazing. Feel free to geometric shapes or princess necklaces with contemporary motifs, and modern pearls with beautiful gemstones. The mixture should also embrace chains of different textures and weights. Asides the style advantage, mixing necklace layers would also reduce tangling. You should, however, be careful with including colored necklaces in the mix. Usually, it’s best to avoid them altogether. Include a bar necklace

Combine different chain lengths

Whenever you’re putting on more than one piece of the same jewelry item, some of the pieces run the risk of going unnoticed. To ensure all your necklace layers stand out, the necklaces should be of different lengths. Depending on the number of pieces that’ll make up your layer, you can start with, say a 16” piece and build from there.

Odd does the trick

Necklace layering should give room for personal expression. So, there are no hard and fast rules. However, many people have different ideas about what constitutes an acceptable number of necklaces for necklace layering. The consensus is that it should be an odd number equal to or greater than three. Three is considered perfect and five is pleasing. You’d have to be well versed with styling and mixing to pull off a great look with more than five necklaces.

The neckline of your top matters

You can think about your neckline as the frame when of your necklace. Layered necklaces are perfect for tops with low necklines. This, however, doesn’t mean you can rock your necklace layers on high-cut tops. You just need to be more careful about the pattern and color of the necklaces you’ll include in the mix. Remember, your jewelry shouldn’t be competing with your clothes. Rather, they should complement each other.

Start with a coin necklace

Coin necklaces have an air of uniqueness about them. Thus, they could make a good starting point when layering. Once the focal point is defined, you can always build from there. Most layering styles thin out as the necklaces go lower. However, some people feel including a bar necklace somewhere in between creates a nice contrast.

Perhaps the most important tip you need to know about necklace layers is that there are no hard and fast rules. The few rules that appear to exist can always be broken. As long as you’re comfortable with what you’re rocking, it might just be the next big trend.

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