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Which Types of Tiles Shall I Install for Living Room?

Tiling is the art of embellishing your living space. The shades, imprints and illusion of tiles on your home's walls depict a theme of décor and modernism. Considering a thousand options of tiles worldwide, the top priority is porcelain, terracotta and original wood. Slabs, planks, cubes and brick walls are top trending these days for the legit themes interior designers have released. Here are some tiling looks and embellishments of elegance you can try this year!

Decency in Wood Planks

Wood, the perfect balance of nature and neutral shade in a tile. The unique print of every tile makes it stand out from any other tile in the patterned tiles UK market or even in an online collection. Wooden planks in light and floorboards in darker plywood are popular for their raw effect. You can match wooden furniture along with the wood tile as well. Another budget-saving trick you can opt for is a porcelain tile with a wooden imprint on it. Looks the same as the original wood and is comparatively durable. As natural wood may change colour or might need polish annually, porcelain is perfect for daily usage. Choose planks in superior layouts, diagonal, sideways and straight to create illusions of wide or narrow space in the living room.

Modern Marbles

Marble tiles are beautiful in large living rooms. It creates a sense of sophistication and modernism when the gloss brightens up the interior. The white pearl tile with golden, silver or black veins looks stunning when it comes to large marble slabs. The glimpse of the sparkling fresh marble in the living room with a glass coffee table in the centre of sofas and large windows letting daylight on the floor is perfect for a living room idea. Italian or Egyptian marble might be an expensive yet worthy choice for a modern living space.

Matte Tile (The Hexagonal Blues and Greens)

Flat hexagons on the walls, popping shades of blues and emerald greens. Matte tiles come in a variety of shades. You can choose a layout that fades the primary colour. The warm brown sofa leather can match the soft tiles and create a warm impact on the living space. Similarly, a pop of colour to walls can look artistic and bright to the eye. Hexagonal in large format looks perfect, covering the narrow walls between. Blues and greens have always been in trend for bathrooms and kitchens, and now living rooms. Matching different sizes of hexagons in different shades for an illustrative impression on the wall can look as much as pretty.

Mystical Moroccan Tile

Moroccan tile has been in trend since the 90s and the illustration printed on each tile has a unique pattern. These handcrafted beauties look astonishingly radiant when it comes to living room embellishments. Mysterious floral and focal point layouts of the Moroccan tiles have impressed many interior designers over the years, compelling them to keep the collection in trend. Even today, Moroccan has earned a reputation many tiles cannot reach. The material, durability factor and colour designs of the tile are beyond intricate and stunning. They appear bold in every room of the house, making the room stand out.

The Unusual yet Intricate

Be unique and be yourself. Tiles have come in various prints, including illustrations of historical battles, golden eras, painted animals, shaded insects, weird flowers and patterns beyond art's limits. You can find a tile in almost any print! The best in the bunch is always in shades of black and white, maroon and black, navy blue and emerald, dark grey and silver lining or neutral shades of prints. Some are hand-painted and some are machine manufactured. Either way, they look stunning when it comes to living room décor. Because of all the furniture that fills up the place, the walls look empty. Unusual patterns or bold imprints of tiles can appear attractive to the eye if you select something out of the box.

The Bottom Line

Trends come and go. However, some ideas stick with designers forever. They are just too perfect living rooms to get ancient. Interior designers have brought many old trends back in style, so people can choose what they love and express themselves through the walls or floorings of their homes. It was all about tiles for today.

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