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Halloween Styling Ideas for Plus-Size women

Halloween, though it is a time to remember the deceased, the celebrations won’t complete without parties. And, no matter what size you belong to, you have all the rights to get dressed how you like it. After all, it’s a great time to show-off your dressing and make-up skills.

If you are a woman whose size is just perfect, it may become a bit difficult for you to understand the dilemma of plus size women. It’s not easy for them to get fit in any type of dress. In fact, it takes a lot of thought process for a plus-size woman to decide what they are going to wear, be it any occasion.

I had gone through the same type of feeling several times a few years back. I was overweight and during every occasion, I kept wondering that what I am going to wear. Especially during the Halloween because during this time everyone likes to dress-up differently.

But, to ease the dilemma a bit of all the plus-size women, I bring to you some dressing suggestions that will make you look beautiful and also add up to your dress ideas.


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Gowns are undoubtedly the best choice for all plus-size women. You easily get Halloween gowns with frills and folds that will cover your body well and give the necessary confidence. If you think there are some problem areas in your body that you need to hide during the party, gowns can do that effortlessly. Just pair it up with the right hairstyle and shoes, and you are good to hit the party.

You can easily carry gothic or zombie look in a gown, either pair it up with a messy look or open hair, and put on the right footwear to stay comfortable for the whole night. If you are thinking about heels, either go for a pair of women wedges or comfortable heeled boots to give you both comfort and height at the same time.


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Skirts have the capability to hide your bottom area well, a long skirt or mid-length skirt, it completely depends on your preference and liking. If you don’t want to wear a tight t-shirt with it, just pair it up with a shirt preferably of black color, as it will make you look leaner, and also go well with the Halloween spirit.

If you are comfortable with t-shirts, go for a black colored t-shirt. Just bought a Halloween suitable headgear and do the right make-up. Now black stockings and black comfortable boots are all that you need to complete the Halloween look.

A-Line Midi Dresses

source: http://www.halloweencostumes.com

A nicely fit A-line midi dress is also a good option that will let you flaunt only the right curves. Consider this dress for Halloween party and stay comfortable and confident all night long. Matching stockings, contrasting headgear, messy hair bun, comfortable boots, loud make-up and some witchy expressions.

Your horror Halloween look is good and ready with the right dress.


Source: https://addicted2fashion.net

Jumpsuits are extremely comfortable, they cover the body really well. It is extremely easy to sit and enjoy in jumpsuits in whichever way you like. For Halloween, go for a dark colored jumpsuit, either black, navy blue, or dark red. Dark colors will make you look leaner and also suit the Halloween spirit.

Knee-Length Straight Dresses

There are dresses that suit well to a plus size woman, and knee length straight dresses are one among them. Just make sure they fit well according to your curves, flaunt the right curves and hide the area you want.

This can also be a good option for Halloween, the selection of right colors and accessories is all you need to shine in the party.

Loose Pants Paired up with Shirt and Jacket

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An attire that gives the surety of both style and comfort is the combination of loose pants, shirt, and a jacket. This combination can hide your problem areas really well, it also makes you look a bit leaner and taller. Just pair it up with the right heels, and you look way more graceful than any other dress.

Comfortable women wedges are the best footwear to pair up with pants as they go with them really well, otherwise, if you want to cover your feet a bit more, you can go for winter boots. But, try to keep them with a bit of heel, as heels will give an illusion of height and a leaner body.

All these suggestions are based on my personal experience, as I have tried them all on my body when I used to be fat.

If you love your body the way you are, then it’s good. But, if you think leaner girls look better and more desirable, then also don’t let the feeling of body shaming come to your mind. Instead, stay positive and work on your body, you can surely transform the way you look. Just start with light exercise or a regular walk, and gradually increase the amount of your work out just in accordance with the tolerance power of your body.

Till then, enjoy the way you look, use the right dresses to make it look more beautiful, stay positive, enjoy Halloween, and spread your smile, because there is nothing more beautiful than that.

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