Emma Swan

Beard Balm vs Beard Wax

Understanding the difference between beard balm vs wax can be a bit confusing at the get go.

When you initially look at a can of beard balm, one of the active ingredients noted there is beeswax, the same component that is of course found in beard wax.

Are they both the same exact product?

What dictates when you should use a beard balm vs beard wax?

Does one have any sort of advantages over the other?

Well here is almost everything you should know about the two products and how they precisely suit your specific beard care routine.

To begin with lets look at beard balm and what its all about ...

In short, Beard Balm Is your best choice for a soft an healthy looking growth that only requires a small amount of hold.

Beard Balm is excellent because it usually contains 4 core ingredients:

You have the carrier oil of some sort.

Carrier oil if you aren't in the know, is the active ingredient that provides you a number of the health advantages of this balm.

Not only that, carrier oils are an excellent way to treat beardruff (dandruff for your beard).

The second part of a beard balm is the scent which should be in the form of essential oils.

Essential oils are what offers any beard balm the majority of its fragrance.

Consider essential oils as the natural cologne for your beard (yes essential oils are normally originated from plants or roots and are 100% natural).

The one draw back to essential oil normally is that they can be a bit severe on the skin. Even if you do have normally resiliant skin, if there was too much in the beard balm you are using, it might cause some inflammation, once again spot test for allergic reactions prior to you appling it to your entire face.

The 3rd ingredient in beard balm is butter of some kind, usually shea.

In beard balm, the butter is generally a shea or cocoa butter. This assists with the actual spreadability of the balm.

There are a few added skin advantages to butters like shea or cocoa because it assists moisturize the skin beneath your beard, further helping to decrease beardruff.

Last however not least is the beeswax.

Beeswax within beard balm serves to give it some styling properties.

If you have a newer or short beard, as in shorter than 3-4 ″, simply a small amount of beard balm will have sufficient hold in it for your beard.

If you are looking to get in the World Beard & Mustache Champion, a beard balm (even if it includes beeswax) will not give you that type of hold to make killer beards.

Beard Wax Offers You A Terrific Hold

When comparing a beard balm vs a beard wax, we saw that a beard balm includes essentially 4 core active ingredients: carrier, essential oil, butter, and beeswax.

A stellar beard wax also contains a lot of the same components found in beard balm really. The biggest difference is the amount of wax in it.

As you would most likely think, beard wax has a much higher concentration of beeswax than it does any of the other components.

Some beard waxes actually go as far as to not include any shea butter at all to make more space for additional wax.

In summary, it really depends on what you want your desired beard to look like. Plan it out and give it a shot. You'll love the results.

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