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Everything You Should Know About Spray Patterns

Spraying technology has grown to a level where the need of spray patterns to be perfect is essential. Sprays are being used everywhere, be it spray paint cans, spray techniques in medical industry, spray devices used in agriculture etc. Spray patternation is technical method performed to measure specific properties of spray particles and analyzing the spray patterns. There are many industrial labs in USA for testing spray pattern with the help of specialized testing machines. The range of measurement has a wide scope as there is huge variety in design of spray nozzles which include car windshield cleaner dispenser, paint spray guns, pain relief spray, pepper spray and other sprays.

Here, we will discuss about the most commonly used spray patterns which are as follows.

The full cone patterns come from full cone nozzle that is capable of producing large and equally distributed drops along with high flow rates. It can maintain spray patterns in a wide range of flow rates and patters. It exclusively use low-drift nozzle and typical used for the agricultural purposes such as soil incorporation.

The hollow cone patterns are made through hollow cone nozzles which throw liquids focusing the outline of the pattern and less centralized. The nozzle which forms a cone pattern would not spread completely and would not cover the overall surface which is being sprayed. The spray comes out in fine drops which do not let it make a uniformity pattern. The hollow cone patterns are mainly used in spray-drying, fuel atomization and gas scrubbing.

The third one is flat fan spray pattern which is made by flat fan nozzle. Its impact is higher than both full and hollow cone sprays. When the liquid comes out with high pressure, it creates large size drops and fine drops are produced through air atomizing flat fan nozzles. Because of their flat shape, it is essential to use spray bars and conveyor systems. This kind of spray pattern is mainly used for coating, lubricating, washing and pesticide spraying and in some manufacturing industries.

Today, the spray testing technology has created different devices and automatic machines which are capable of keen judgments of spray patters, drop sizes and pressure. The spray pattern testing heavily matters for the users to know how to get the best form the spray. This genuinely provides them the ability to perform the appropriate task quickly and efficiently for best results.

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