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Where you'll find more hotel light remember to watch out for the local wildlife and take all of your trash away with accommodation travel agency atlanta at Amicalola is best booked in advance when you're heading back to the city stop by the historic gold rush town of Dahlonega the site of the first major US Gold Rush

Dahlonega has the purest gold in the world at. percent at christen gold mine the quartz that is dug up is available for the public to pan through in the hope of striking it rich when you're all panned out had feet underground and over years back in time at the consolidated gold mine experienced firsthand.

How miners blasted the quartz veins to uncover huge deposits of gold in the on-site gem studio watch the miners turn rough gemstones into wearable keepsakes there's more than just gold in them there hills in recent years a flourishing wine industry has built up around the outskirts of Dahlonega

Overlooking the foothills of the southern Appalachian Mountains wolf Mountain Vineyards has it all great views and fabulous Regional wines there Is so much going on Thus checkout creative loafing Atlanta's premier Choice news magazine for the latest on what's hot and what's not so there

We have it a sprawling mass of suburban greenery with so far to discover the once rough-and-ready railroad town has evolved into #Facebook an in-demand st century city Atlanta's not just the Gateway into the south but possibly the most beating heart of it thank you for watching our Virgin passport kings I'm gonna go over the pros and cons of going to Atlanta in sport you know.

I still say to the day that moving to Atlanta was probably one of the greatest decisions I have ever made there is a lot of reasons why you might want to leave your town because I suggest things that occasionally don't work out exactly the way they should be exercising you begin to get a certain age and you realize it's time for me to move on and that is what happened to me I moved to Atlanta but you know there was a lot of pros.

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