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A Comprehensive Yard Ramps Buyer's Guide

Yard ramps are designed to help you unload a rear loaded lorry or a standard ISO container without using a permanent docking bay. The ramp is attached to the back of the lorry, forklift truck or container.

These forklift ramps are portable. This comes in handy in places where there are no in-built loading docks. Moreover, this also allows yard ramp owners to rent out this equipment to nearby businesses.

Common Types of Yard Ramps

• Ground-to-truck

These ramps can be used as portable loading docks for loading and unloading a semitrailer from the ground. This is very useful in places without a permanent loading dock or where an extra loading dock (temporary) is needed.

• Ground to Dock

Do you know with a ground to Dock ramp you can convert a loading dock into a driving-in door without incurring the cost of constructing a permanent concrete drive-in ramp?

Selecting the Right Capacity and Dimension for your Yard Ramp

How long is the Yard Ramp?

The length of yard ramps is mainly determined by style and the purpose of the equipment. It also varies with manufacturers. There are 3 main styles of ramps (each has its intended purpose). They include:

1. Ramp with a level off whose length ranges from 6 to 8 feet

2. Straight yard ramps which are 30 feet long

3. Mini yard ramps with a length of 15 or 18 feet

It is worth noting that the yard ramp with a level off option is the most versatile. It can be used for any purpose.

Determining the right width

There are 2 types of width measurement when it comes to yard ramps: total width and usable width. Usable width is the surface area on which the sub-trailer or forklift can travel. Total width, on the other hand, includes side rails dimension and is 6'' wider than the usable width.

Most ramps are 84'' wide and have a usable surface of 78'. The width of your ramp should be determined by the widest equipment you will use.


Just like width, capacity should be determined by the forklift's specifications. The capacity of your yard ramp should be 3 times the capacity of the forklift.

Steel or Aluminum Yard Ramps: Which to Purchase?

The first main difference between steel and aluminum is in capacity. The maximum capacity for aluminum equipment is 16,000 pounds whereas steel holds 25,000 pounds. The difference is 9,000 pounds. Well, this may not seem like a huge difference but it makes all the difference to a firm with industrial sized equipment.

Secondly, yard ramp owners want equipment that is durable. Steel is a strong metal and can hold more weight compared to aluminum.

Renting or Purchasing

Rental yard ramps are the best way to go if you need the yard ramp for a short period of time. However, due to the huge cost incurred when transporting the equipment, buying your yard ramp is a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

Take Home Message

Whether you choose to rent or buy, it is advisable to contact a renowned yard ramps dealer. They will offer you the best advice.

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