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8 Tips to Follow When You Hire Android App Developer

The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good”. - Joe Kraus

Android has become the greatest and dominant platform for Smartphones. So it’s a common practice to make your first app for the Android platform. If you are also planning to build your own Android app then you must be looking to hire Android App developers. Before you go and get some Android app development services, just pull the breaks a bit and first read this blog.

There are many aspects to take into account before you hire an Android app developer like, fragmentation of the platform will make the development of your app very challenging so you need to hire an Android app programmer who has good experience with fragmentation.

This was just one simple example of what all points you need to consider before you choose a particular Android app development service to build your app. My goal for this blog is to make this search a bit easy by providing you with the finest tips to hire the best Android app developers.

1.Be Flexible With The Location

If you search for giants in a hobbit’s town then all you’ll get is “giant” disappointment. If you live in a city or state where Android app development services are very limited then you may not find the best app developers near you and have to suffice with mediocre ones.

The solution to this problem is to search on a global level. To build an app of international standards you will need international developers. It is advisable to either search in the time-zones that are 2 to 4 hours apart from yours or go with 10 to 12 hours difference. Both have their own benefits.

With 2 to 4 hours apart you will be working a majority of the working hours together and be in continuous contact on a daily basis. Whereas, if you go with the 10 to 12 hours difference, both the teams i.e. your in-house team and the off-shore team would be working continuously on the app. When the in-house team is having their downtime then off-shore would be working, and vice versa.

2.Good Quality = Good Money

If you pay peanuts, you wind up hiring monkeys.” - Hannibal

A simple statement that many new entrepreneurs fail to understand; it is important to pay for good developers the first time so that we don’t have to pay more to rectify the mistakes made by amateur developers.

You have a budget to follow and that is completely reasonable, but it is your responsibility to make the best decision in that budget and if it means going an extra mile for high-quality programmer then it is more than acceptable. So while you interview potential app developers, keep flexibility for the ones that deserve such consideration.

3.Skills with Open Source

One of the main reasons why Android is the first choice for many startups and enterprises is because it is open source. Android being open source gives a lot of flexibility to the programmer to design the application that perfectly fulfills the client’s needs. So, you need to check before you hire an Android app developer if they have a sound knowledge about open source platforms and latest open source libraries.

4.Experience Outruns Skills

Skill may fail at a time to succeed but experience, never. Red Adair once said, “If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”. You need to hire Android app programmer that has experience with different android projects over the years, more of which should be useful to your project. Check thoroughly the portfolio that they provide and then search more. Try to find any dirt you can and if you can’t, you may have found your developer.

Try to contact their previous clients and get an honest review from them about the experience they had working with the developer. Try to find other clients online besides mentioned by the candidate as they would only mention the ones that are on good terms with them.

5.Do They Fulfill Your Needs?

The Android app developers that you wish to hire may have years of experience building AR/VR apps but if your need is to build a GPS based location app then their experience would be of no use to you. So you need to check the relevance of their knowledge and experience with respect to your App building needs.

You can set up tests for the candidates. These tests should be similar to the modules they would have to work on when they are building your app. Then you can decide as per their performance which Android app development company to hire.

6.Clear All The Details In Advance

You need to clear all the responsibilities that you expect from the Android App developer or the company that you hire for your project. This would create a crystal clear relation between you and the development company so that there would be no confusion at all about the project and its needs once you’ve started the work.

Clearing all the things beforehand reduces the chance of your employee giving excuses to you. Do remember to sign an NDA with your candidates before disclosing your app ideas. Read the next tip to learn in detail about NDAs.

7. NDA Is A Must

Your app idea is very precious and you need to protect it from thieves. But the problem is you can’t hire Android app developers without sharing and discussing your app idea. So what should you do?

Thanks to NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) and Privacy agreements your app idea can be safe. It is a legal contract which states whatever information you share with the other party (in this case potential employee) will be kept secret by them. By signing this agreement they are liable if in any case, they reveal your confidential business information.

8.Communication Channel

If you hire off-shore Android app development company then you will need to clarify how you will communicate with the off-shore company. This may seem a trivial factor now but many projects have failed to see the light of day because of this reason.

You need to set some ground rules before getting into a work agreement and add these rules in the agreement also. The rules should be like:

•How many days a week or months will the off-shore team report their activities?

•What would the proper channel for this reporting be?

•How many video conferences are to be held for each module?

All these and many other questions should be cleared before getting into a work agreement.


These are the top 8 tips you need to follow when you hire Android app developers for your app development needs. Try to clear all the aforementioned steps and you will be looking at one of the best Android app development service provider. It is advised that you keep asking every question to each candidate until you feel satisfied making a decision. This will give a fair chance to both of you to prove your worth.

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