How to Prepare Your Car for an MOT Test?

MOT tests are vehicle tests carried out by the Department for Transport. They try to establish a car’s roadworthiness by evaluating the vehicle on some specific grounds. An MOT test for every vehicle is mandated by law in the UK. Driving a car without an MOT pass certificate will lead to a minimum penalty of £1000. Therefore, it is essential that you take the MOT test every year without fail.

MOT tests are carried out in more than 20, 100 garages across the country. You can visit the nearest MOT authorised facility and register for the test. Make sure your vehicle is being tested by a licensed tester authorised to carry out car repair Newark.

Essential MOT checks

Make sure the following components are in proper working conditions to pass the MOT test -

1. Exhaust system: This gets the most weightage when your results are determined. They check the emissions from your petrol or diesel engine. If your exhaust system releases too much smoke and vapour of any colour, you will be denied a pass certificate after your MOT test in Newark. Therefore, you need to keep your vehicle well serviced to ensure that your emissions are within permissible limits.

2. Headlights and taillights: Make sure that your headlights and taillights are working properly. The tail lights must light up when you hit the brakes and indicate the change of lanes; also make sure that your headlights are correctly aligned. If they do not function properly, you will be denied a pass certificate.

3. Windscreen and mirrors: Making sure your windscreen and the rear view mirrors are not damaged in any way. They must provide clear visibility to the driver. If you have a cracked windscreen, visit a car service garage in Newark without fail before the test.

4. Steering: If you have a misaligned steering wheel, chances are you will fail the test. If your steering wheel tilts in a particular direction on its own, it is probably due to misaligned or unbalanced wheels. Visit a wheel balancing garage to get it fixed right away.

5. Braking system: Condition of your braking mechanism is tested rigorously during an MOT test. If you have old and inefficient brake pads, you must change them before taking an MOT in Newark. You can go with ceramic pads; they create less brake dust and are quieter. Visiting a proper repairing facility and getting the system serviced is the best possible course of action.

6. Interior components: Make sure you have a working speedometer, seat belts, steering controls, handbrakes. All of these are important factors as far as passing MOT is concerned.

7. Car body: Having signs of damage to the body will increase your chances of failure. Repair dents and scratches on your vehicle. It must not appear damaged in any way. Visit a reputable garage for a pre MOT check in Newark before the final date.

There are many garages in Nottinghamshire like Farnsfield Auto Centre that are authorised to carry out MOT tests. However, before booking your date, make sure that your vehicle is in top-notch condition. Avail a pre-MOT check for best results.

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