Farrukh Khurshed

Bad Faith Insurance Claims

What exactly is Bad Faith Insurance Claims? And why are claims made by insured parties under the accident and injury insurance cover the most vulnerable to this type of abuse?

Intentional avoidance is the key. Insurance Companies don't want you to know they're ignoring your claim. They don't want to incur the expense of legal costs, legal fees, or other penalties. They also do not want you to know you have the right to be informed about these factors.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Attorneys

Bad faith insurance claims attorneys are willing to help you sort through the many documents sent out by the insurance companies. You don't have to continue fighting the insurance company while you wait for them to contact you, nor do you have to spend time on the phone begging for the amount you believe you deserve.

If your attorney tells you to drop your claim if you don't receive a specific response from the insurance company then you should question them on why they're suggesting this. If you do decide to proceed with your claim and provide evidence which shows that the claim is valid then you need to make sure you get all of the relevant documents in order to prove your case. Making a claim is time-consuming and you should always look after your time and take the necessary steps to ensure that your claim is the only one which is considered.


When making a claim you are required to provide evidence of injuries, damages and illnesses to your medical experts, who then need to look at the evidence to determine whether or not your claim should be paid. If the case can't be proven you will still be able to file a lawsuit if your claim is valid, however, it may not be a winning strategy.

Points to Consider

The manner in which insurance companies and their agents behave indicates a lack of ethics on their part. These things include asking you to provide a document they want to be signed, citing one of your documents as being incorrect, or sending you letters asking you to respond. In some cases, Insurance Agents refuse to reply to your letter or call your attention to any discrepancies.

Claiming that the agent is in bad faith doesn't just mean they were negligent in representing you or your business. It can also mean you've been defrauded and do not need to go to court. To be eligible for this type of relief, your attorney has to prove that the coverage was not a true statement or was somehow affected by bad faith by the insurance company.

Insurance companies like to keep their customers happy. It's in their best interest to help the claimant get settled quickly and without unnecessary trouble. The goal is to make sure the claimant doesn't have to deal with the stress of a court case.

They might use misleading language on their mailings, overstate the value of a policy, or incorrectly list the client's name on their documents. If you're considering a lawsuit, then you need to learn more about the law.

Once you've ascertained what types of coverage are currently available through your policy, you can decide whether or not you would like to take the next step. Having experienced Bad Faith Insurance Claims attorneys on your side can mean the difference between settling quickly and making a poor choice.

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