Why Some People Prefer to Use Tanning Injection to Protect Their Skin

These days, many new innovations are made to protect our skin from UV exposure of direct sunlight. Some people spray their whole body with a special coating, which gives similar effect like sunscreen. Now another new thing that has come up is the Tanning injection. Let us try to understand what this new product is.

What is Tanning injection?

This is a kind of tanning peptide that is injected in the body. Once the hormone enters into our bloodstream, it will start communicating with our skin cells so that it can increase the production of melanin. Melanin is certain kind of pigmentation that is present in the skin so that it can respond to the UV light of the sun. melanin determines the color of our skin as well as hair. It can help our skin to get protection from harmful effects of UV rays of direct sunlight exposure. Due to exposure to the sun, the melanocytes produce more amount of pigment than its usual level, and this additional pigment gets wrapped around DNA cells and prevents from any harm from the UV rays.

There are few additional advantages of tanning injection too and they are

• It helps in reducing our body fat

• It helps in increasing our libido

• The reproduction capability of both male and female is enhanced.

In addition to that there are few other reasons that motivate people to use tanning injection.

It works as in-house sunscreen

The injection creates certain development within our body so that our skin continues to get protection from the harmful UV rays that is obtained from direct exposure to sunlight. This effect is not really time bound. If melanin is increased by direct sunlight then there can be overexposure and various UV damages whereas if melanin production is increased by tanning injection then the skin remains buffered from the UV damage and you may walk under the sun without any problem.

Development of Tan

If you go out in the sun to take healthy dose of UV light for 5 to 10 minutes in a day during afternoon hours then you can develop the tan. You may continue to expose yourself every day for some limited time say around 5 to 10 minutes and as soon as you notice that you have a burning sensation, you will be automatically protected due to the tanning injection.

Overexposure to sun can do more harm than good

There are plenty of toxic ingredients present in direct sun light. Through UV light you may get plenty of foreign ingredients that may flow into your bloodstream that can cause plenty of negative side effects. Many scientists have found out that sun block ingredients can also be responsible for causing skin cancer. Also, a few chemicals present in sun blocks are very toxic in nature. They can easily penetrate into our bloodstream and can create a lot of havoc in various systems of our body.

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