What You Should Know About Enjin Coin in 2021

Enjin Coin is a revolutionary altcoin that uses a Proof of Stake system similar to those used by the Forex and Gold markets. Unlike other coins like Mastercard and Visa, which can be traded anonymously and autonomously, this one operates with the traditional asset transfer methodologies of traditional gold and silver coins.

EnJin coins are issued by a company called EnJin International, which also acts as its developer and publisher.

EnJin's unique selling proposition is the Proof of Stake. This feature provides the company with a tangible interest in the success of the token and its users. Because of the nature of these assets, there is an inherent risk in any kind of business. In the case of gold and silver, the risk is in acquiring them, while with platinum it is in securing them.

With the proof of stake feature in Enjin coins, the company is not risking any of its assets, thereby guaranteeing a steady and reliable source of income for its users.

How does Enjin actually function?

The Proof of Stake system is embedded in the very fabric of the ecosystem that EnJin is building. When you participate in any of the many Enjin Coin mixes, you are actually trading in the same environment as the company, albeit the interface is custom designed for the use of a crypto coin.

In other words, when you trade or purchase Enjin tokens, you are trading with the same currency, the same supply, and demand dynamics, and the same underlying asset. All transactions and movements are transparent and automated, ensuring that the ecosystem functions as smoothly as the underlying asset.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new token platform is its use of smart contracts. Unlike other platforms, EnJin uses smart contracts to facilitate the transfer and ownership of the assets that are created through the mix. En Jin's smart contract system guarantees that all transfers are secure, private, and instant.

Through this method, the company can expand its target market rapidly, increasing brand equity and liquidity at the same time. At present, the company is looking towards the future of the Cryptocurrency industry, and this is evident in the developments being made by En Jin.

There are multiple use cases of the platform. In addition to gaming, it has been used in several other industries such as real estate, travel, finance, and insurance. Because of its unique property to work with any type of digital asset, En Jin was particularly designed to fill a significant gap in the existing tokenized digital assets industry.

In fact, the company is not the first to develop an environment that allows for the transfer of assets through the use of a smart contract. However, with its technology and ecosystem, En Jin is clearly on its way to becoming one of the leading platforms in the industry.

Another important aspect to consider when considering the purchase of Enjin tokens is the ability to convert the tokens into real USD currency, using the Enjin Smart wallet or any other leading online wallet service. The key advantage of this is that the tokens can be exchanged at the rate set by the exchange provider at any time.

However, this feature is only applicable if you purchase the tokens directly from the project company after you have purchased your Enjin coins. If you were to purchase them from an online retailer, for example, you would not be able to benefit from this exchange option.

Article Credit goes to gamecoinwire.com

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