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Traditional Art vs. Digital Art: The War Without Winners

Over the last few decades, the question of digitalization has made a great noise in the entire world. Many technologies have already been replaced and become the things of the past, and there will be more. Today, the atmosphere remains particularly charged in the world of art where traditional art and digital art have been locking horns for years. Although there are lots of supporters and detractors on both sides, it is yet not clear what kind of issues are staying on the way of peaceful coexistence, and what will come out of it in the very end.

Traditional art vs. digital art: do we need a winner?

To cut a long story short, traditional art is fine art made with the help of traditional tools and methods such as paper, paint, pencil, brushes, etc. The curious thing about traditional art is that it is considered to be the continuation of artistic traditions and ideas from the historical past.

On the other hand, we have digital art that is created using cutting-edge technology such as drawing tablets, stylus, and professional software. If compared to a traditional approach, digital art seems to be not that sophisticated in materials, and that’s true. However, this difference makes the choice between the two forms of art quite obvious for many emerging artists.

The years pass, but the main question remains the same: will digital art surpass traditional art, or will traditional art extinct? No, and definitely no. Digital art may become more popular due to its digital niche, but it can hardly beat traditional art in any other category. There will always be people who prefer physical connection with artwork and atmosphere while painting or drawing.

The conclusion suggests itself: there are no winners between traditional art and digital art since each type contributes a lot to the mutual development of the art world. Moreover, there should not be winners whatsoever because that would mean the loss of another, which is unacceptable in both cases.

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