Freddy Wong

5 iPhone Apps To Enhance Your Day

The iPhone is a smartphone that has helped revolutionize the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, and be productive (or lack thereof) in our daily lives. For many of us a smartphone is a piece of technology we cannot live without. In this article I will briefly discuss my top 5 iPhone mobile app installs that I recommend to newcomers and veteran iPhone owners alike.

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds collection of games has to be some of the most popular mobile games there are. Angry Birds offers physics-based gameplay that works by giving players challenges in which they are attempting to earn stars. Earning 3 stars on a level shows you have mastered the stage and, although the game is simple in its premise, offers a very challenging gaming experience that is both fun and addictive to play. Even if you are not a gamer in the traditional sense, Angry Birds is definitely a game worth trying out if you own a supporting smartphone. The games are fun and satisfying when you are mobile.

Demon Cam

Demon Cam works by first taking a video of a person making a scary face at the phone’s camera. Once recorded the user simply sets tracking points for the actor’s eyes and mouth and then they select a monster skin type (with additional types available for download). After a quick processing step the app then shows the recorded clip with the actor’s face morphing into the demon skin that was selected.

The quality of the morph is quite good and it works by blending the demon skin with the person’s face, which creates a believable effect on your phone. This app is great to have in bars and social gatherings where breaking the ice can now be done in a fun and silly manner.

Facebook Mobile

Social networking has become a way of life and Facebook is the king of this new era of communication. Because of this the Facebook Mobile app offers a convenient way to stay in contact with friends and family in an easy to use package. If you have a Facebook profile then this app can be essential to own. Best of all it is free.


Sometimes you might want to listen to the radio and sometimes this radio station can be out of your traditional radio’s range, such as living in New York and wanting to listen to your favorite California radio station. The iHeartRadio app is an app that allows you to connect to a wide range of radio stations directly from your phone. The radio service is streamed by the app and you can use it in your car, while you exercise, and anywhere you take your phone. This app is definitely recommended for those of us that crave variety in radio options.


The Kindle is a digital book reader by Amazon. Although paper books are still popular, electronic books have also become a normal way of life. The beauty of Kindle is that you can read a book on your Kindle reader device, continue it on your phone via the Kindle app, and then switch over to viewing it on your PC effortlessly. Because the Kindle apps sync with your Amazon account you can continue where you left off even if you continue on a completely different device. By having Kindle on your mobile phone you can take moments to read during your day where a laptop, Kindle device, or PC is not available to you. This is definitely a convenient option to have at your disposal.


Although there are more apps available for the iPhone than most of us can ever experience, these 5 apps are definitely my top 5 picks so far. Each app offers simple entertainment on-the-go in this new age of smartphones. What did we do before smartphones?

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