How to change a 3-point lock in Tacoma Washington

To ensure excellent security, it is always advisable to change the lock when it is broken or damaged. Here's how to change a 3-point lock in a few steps. First and foremost, you must know the names and operations of each element that makes up the 3-point lock. To begin, proceed to disassemble the broken lock with a screwdriver. To do this, remove the wrists and the square that connects them. Detach anything that may interfere with your access to the lock and your vision and unscrew the screw at the edge of the door.

In one turn, release the lock cylinder, being careful not to break it. When the barrel is removed, unscrew the screws that still hold the lock to the door. Gently pull the lock and do not force it. Check your lock well to see if it is really worth changing or if a simple stripping or setting could be done. Then, proceed to the assembly of the new lock 3 points, if the old lock is too damaged. For that, choose a lock cylinder compatible with the new one. When mounting the new 3-point lock, proceed as you did when removing the old lock, but in reverse. However, it is advisable to call a professional locksmith if you hesitate or if you are not very handy.

For all your locksmith jobs such as installation or 3-point lock change or any type of lock, we have a professional and experienced emergency locksmith Tacoma team that can move for you.

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What is a 3-point lock

As the name suggests, a 3-point lock is a lock that has 3 locking points. Highly recommended to maximize the security of a home, it is easy to install and is suitable for all types of doors. According to its name, the 3-point lock manages 3 closing pinnacles: one at the wrist, one in the upper corner and one in the lower corner, which gives a maximum locking of a door. It multiplies by 3 the level of security of a house, with 3 separate locks. Only one key is needed to lock or unlock the 3 pinnate. The locks can be lateral or vertical.

The first models are located at the bottom, middle and top of the door while the second ones are at the bottom and top of the door. There are 3 models of 3-point lock: surface mounted, keeled or built-in. In addition, there are also 3 types: a star, two stars and three stars. These stars are assigned according to the burglar resistance and are in the A2P standards which is a certification issued by CNPP to the manufacturers. However, when you choose your 3-point lock, check your home insurance policy to be well covered in case of attempted break-in or burglary.

What is the point of using a 3-point lock?

A door equipped with 3-point lock provides more security to a home and its inhabitants, which is more advantageous for users. Using a 3-point lock is always safer than other types of locks. Indeed, this type of lock has many positive points. Unlike ordinary locks, the 3-point lock offers added security and is very difficult to break or break. This delays possible burglary attempts and burglaries. In addition, it is compatible with all types of doors, dating back less than 20 years. It can also be multi option. In other words, a 3-point lock can have several options to enhance security, with a barrel anti-pick, anti-drilling or anti-breakage. Regarding the installation, there are two possibilities to install it: to larder or applied. Added to these advantages, the use of a 3-point lock is practical. The parts of it are interchangeable. In addition, they have better thermal and acoustic

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