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Many Older Homes in Chicago Benefit From Countertop Upgrades

The countertops found in the kitchens and bathrooms of many homes in Chicago could easily be improved upon. Having an older countertop replaced with a higher-quality alternative will almost always enhance a kitchen or bathroom in a variety of ways.

Today, that most often means choosing a countertop made from either granite or a composite based on quartz. When it comes to quartz and granite countertops chicago residents can expect to enjoy a number of benefits with every upgrade project.

One of the Most Rewarding Remodeling Options for Many Homes

There are many older homes in and around Chicago that could use some freshening. While there are typically a number of ways to go about it, improving a home by replacing its countertops often proves to be the best option of all.

This is because a single countertop upgrade will normally deliver a number of desirable, notable benefits. The granite and quartz countertops chicago have installed generally excel with regard to:

Water resistance. A number of materials that used to be regularly used for countertops do a poor job of withstanding water. Over time, many common types of countertops swell and warp noticeably because of taking on too much moisture. This tends to be a concern in both kitchens and bathrooms in just about every home. Both granite countertops and those made from engineered quartz, however, are virtually impervious to water.

Scratch resistance. Older countertops are often made from relatively soft materials that scratch fairly easily. Even putting a chef's knife or other utensils down the wrong way can leave a permanent mark on such a surface. Both granite and quartz countertops, though, tend to be quite a bit harder. That translates into not needing to worry about scratching a countertop by making a small mistake.

Elegance. Older homes that have not been updated tend to look a bit dowdy, but their countertops are quite often the worst offenders. Both quartz and granite countertops have elegant looks that will always contribute positively to the visual character of a home. In fact, upgrading the countertops in a kitchen or bathroom can easily be the single best way to make a home look more appealing.

A Great Investment in Many Cases

Benefits like these frequently make it worthwhile to consider upgrading a home's countertops to new ones made from granite or quartz. Particularly with homes of a certain age, such projects often prove to be among the most satisfying of all to carry out.

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