Hammad Raza

Reason behind stealing of Black Stone by Qarmatians

The Black Stone which commonly known as Al-Hajr-e-Aswad is considered the sacred stone that has conferred as gift directly from Divine as an Islamic perspective. However, there are many others ideologies where it has come, according to different religions but the truest philosophy is only found in Islam.

In fact, there are full proof evidence in Islam regrading Black Stone reality that’s why it is at its right dwell. The Black Stone is residing at the southeast corner of the Holy Kaaba and every year it is richly kissed by the pilgrims during the Hajj or Umrah proceeding. If you have abundant wish in order to kiss the Black Stone through the cheap Umrah Package 2019 then you ought to get some of information through any religious platform, how to perform the kissing ritual while Umrah?

Because many of pilgrims do not pay such sensitive activity in upright mode. Sensitive activity is so for, since few people cross the limit which might be considered as Shirk and Shirk is so big sin that cannot be tolerated from Divine. In the Holy Quran God says: Number of sins can be pardoned except Shirk. Actually, the Shirk is a specific term in Islamic viewpoint that means to resemble something else with God. And Islam says, there is no other thing which could offer benefits or loss but only Allah.

However, avoid such bad activity of Devil which can lead you to fire. Regardless, finding guilty of sins you must compensate it some of Holy place and that is only Kaaba. Moreover, you should go to Mecca in order to get the maximum focus of Allah-Almighty in the month of Holy Ramadan through the Ramadan Umrah Package 2019 which is the best time to make happy the God.

But the most considerable issue in Ramadan is that, since it does not come at the same time in year according to planetary almanac, so if you are weather allergic then Ramadan might be generated some of complications. Because the Ramadan will be travel round in typical hot climate, yet you have to make a plan through December Umrah Package 2019 that will bring the most suitable climate.

When it comes to the matter of stealing Black Stone, however very less amount of people know about its reality. In fact, the Black Stone which is sacred relic in Muslim philosophy was stolen by the Qarmatians dates back to 930. The Qarmatians leader, Abu Tahir al-Qarmati had bad intention, so he wanted to take it Bahrain and to put it Masjid al Dirar as to convert the execution of Hajj or Umrah at Bahrain instead of Mecca.

He was not allowed in the Holy city of Mecca but after taking the peaceful oath he was allowed to perform Hajj. Since, he was entered devil’s plan and eventually took away the Black Stone. But his devil’s wish was not fulfilled as God gave him horrible death and his flesh was eaten by worms. Therefor the Black Stone was brought up on the ransom of huge amount.

Still there are many of queries regarding such event but the answer of all question is obviously same that, the period in which the Black Stone had stolen was an apparently critical era of Muslim rulers. The Muslims were scattered in different sects that’s why God wanted to take the Muslim’s trial what they do in such grieved moment?

May God save the Islamic relics from bad spirits.

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