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What is Wudu and Why is It Important During Hajj?

Wudu is an Arabic word and it is also known as ablution. Wudu refers to the particular action of cleansing some parts of the body. During Hajj, it is recommended to make wudu and spend your time in Holy Haram with wudu.

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But it is the best to do wudu before going to Holy Haram or Masjid e Nabvi. In wudu, you need to wash your parts such as hands, rinse water in the mouth, rinse water in nostrils, face, arms, and feet. In the religion of peace, the ablution or wudu holds great importance.

Before offering the Salah 5 times a day, the Muslim brothers and sisters are required to do wudu. Wudu requires both physical sense and spiritual sense. Wudu makes the person externally and internally purify. If you don’t perform wudu, your religious acts aren’t acceptable.

When Should You Perform Wudhu?

Before offering the daily obligatory Salah’s, every single Muslim must be in the condition of spiritual cleansing (wudu). The same process of purification is also required for all other religious acts such as Nafl supplications, touching the Holy Quran, a divine Book and when the rituals of Hajj can be carried out.

It is necessary to do Wudhu in order to accomplish this cleansing in most cases. But, on the other hand, a ghusl must be done. Remember that the process of ghusl isn't explained here because it is a different topic and requires fully detail explanation.

Importance and Advantages of Wudu

Performing wudu is a blessing of Allah and has several benefits. Review its importance and benefits here,

• The ablution stops us from many bodily fitness problems

• Wudu gives us physical cleanliness

• It gives us inner self-purification because we many times perform wudu

• According to Hadith, the wudu removes all our wrongdoings and iniquities

• Wudu is the best way to getting Allah’s blessings and rewards

• From head to foot, ablution purifies our body

• It supports us internally by giving internal peace

• Wudu strengthen our faith and make increase our trust in Allah

• Wudu is the best process and its benefits proofed by scientifically

• Wudu protect your teeth from disease because you wash your mouth several times a day

• Similarly, your face remains fresh and free of wrinkles and dark spots due to performing a wudu

• Fast blood circulation in arms and other remote areas of the human body

So, before going to perform Hajj rituals must make wudu and purify yourself from Satanic stuff. May Allah help you. Ameen!

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