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Explore the Glorious World of Airsoft Guns

Replicated weapons that are mainly designed with meager power to shoot non-metallic projectiles are known as Airsoft Guns. The spherical projectiles of these guns are specifically made up of plastic or resin materials.

These weapons contain low muzzle power and the pellets can permeate significantly less. So, they are a safer option to select for the competition of sports or recreational purposes.

5 Hottest Types of Airsoft Guns:

If you explore the amazing world of such guns, you will find a vast variety of airsoft pistols. They are further divided into subcategories according to the requirements of users.

Let us describe five popular types of airsoft guns here:

1. Airsoft Pistols:

These pistols are very lightweight in the game, but most players use them as a secondary option.

If you have lost your primary gun or you have run out of ammo and you are stuck in a difficult situation, you can immediately take out your airsoft pistol and return fire on your attacker.

The best part of these pistols is that they are budget-friendly as they are not much expensive. Thus, anyone on a tight budget can afford them.

You might think that why these pistols are not used as a primary weapon? So, the answer to your question is that these pistols have small magazines which means you have to refill again and again.

As compared to pistols, rifles have a higher rate of firing, which makes them more useful in combat.

2. Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

Using airsoft sniper rifle is a difficult task to learn, but it is a joy to try. The targeting ability of this high-end rifle can easily outrange any other gun with its accuracy in the game.

Other players will require time to find your hidden spot. Till then, you will kill many other players from your opponent.

These weapons can’t provide better mobility and they also require a lot of maintenance. Moreover, if you are thinking to upgrade its internal parts, you need a lot of money and time to spend on it.

Which Is the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle In 2019? Click Here to Know About It!

3. Airsoft Shotguns:

These airsoft shotguns are not so much famous like the other types of guns in gaming, but they are really fun to use.

These are close-range guns and can give multiple shots at the same time. In close-quarter combats, these guns are very beneficial.

In addition, if you want to spy on someone, these guns are best to use because they remain hidden due to their small size.

4. Electric Airsoft Guns:

Electric Airsoft Guns are dependent on batteries. These are the most commonly used guns on the battlefield. When you pull the trigger, an electric gun draws its power from the battery, which makes the firing mechanism of the gun to work.

You need to change batteries when they are out of juice. So, it is better to carry an extra pair of batteries along with you.

These guns response fast to the trigger. Hence, their success is due to the high rates of fire. They can be utilized in all kinds of fields.

Electric guns are not sensitive to any kind of weather conditions. Thus if you have a big pack of batteries along with you, you can easily play for a longer period.

5. CO2 Airsoft Guns:

These are also one of the most famous types of airsoft guns. Their ability and performance enchant players to use these weapons.

When you press the trigger of the gun, immediately a pressure gas is discharged from the gas cylinder, which afterward cycles and then fires. Different kinds of gas propellants are used in them.

However, CO2 airsoft gun is the most commonly used gas in these guns because it is the most effective and pressurized gas. It is the best match for cold weather as it is specially made to face cold weather conditions.

Conversely, there are some other kinds of gases that are used in these guns like green gas, red gas, or even black gas.


We hope that you have enjoyed this beautiful world of airsoft guns and you will get to know about these top five types. You can select the best suitable one for you.

Remember, these guns are pocket-friendly and buying them will not put much pressure on your pocket. So, get your desired one today!

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