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Hindu Calendar

It is an Ancient cultures of India, among all the festivals this is one of the most important harvests and religious festival. People of different religions like Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs. people of irrespective religious festival also celebrate this festival. In South Asia, this festival of lights is celebrated by the name of thanksgiving and Newyear day. The important thing about this celebration of lights is this festival originated in Ancient India only. The name itself the festival of lights whereas on this festival day all the lights are arranged in the form of special occasion of Happy Diwali to send to your friends .

Different series of lamps and lights are arranged inside and outside the house for 5 days of Diwali. Some lights and lamps are floating in rivers on small boats. These traditional lamps are replaced by electric light and LEDs nowadays. These lights symbolize the light over dark, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. During the festive season, the people daily cleans their house and its premises before lighting the lamp, The people's belief is after lighting the lamp and keeping the home clean the goddess of wealth will enter their home and bless them with lots of wealth and knowledge of happy diwali wishes.

Mainly this festival falls in the month of mid-October or November this festival doesn't have a particular day to celebrate every year laxmi pooja varies. On which day to be celebrated is based on the Hindu calendar. In traditional families, the people offer the goddess fruits, different types of flowers, rice pudding, and gifts. To offer these offering the people have to utter sacred words and saying and they have to sing the religious songs to perform the Laxmi Pooja at happy diwali 2019.

This festival is celebrated in all regions of people with different types of religions. This festival is celebrated after 18 days of the festival of Dasara. This festival of lights is celebrated for almost 5 days of Diwali. The first day of the festival is used to do the shopping, especially for gold and silver. The second day is used to decorate the home. The third day is the festival day. The fourth day is for the spouses to exchange their gifts between them. on the final day, it's a brothers and sisters day so brothers and sisters have to spend time together on that day.

On the festival day, people have to be very spiritually by without eating nonveg and consuming alcohol in order to give respect for the hindu goddess so as to invite her to enter the home. In Ancient India, on the festival day of the Hindu Calendar, people wear new dresses, clean and decorates their home. In the office or any workplaces, the business people settle their accounts and solve their financial issues in order to welcome the new year to goddess worship at Narak Chaturdashi.

During the special occasion of the festive season, the roads and shops are overcrowded with people who are doing shopping, who are buying fireworks, crackers, sweets, gifts, new clothes, etc. On the festival week all buildings, workplaces, shops are displayed in different colors of flowers and lights. In front of every home, rangolis are displayed with different types of designs and colors which are made up of rice powder, sand, etc. Happy Diwali Wishes is the starting of the financial year for Indian business people. This is one of the most important, biggest and brightest festivals than others in Ancient India.

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