Harry Prewitt

Goldmund – The Ultimate Hi Fi Solution to All My Musical Worries

In the space of a few years, music has been revolutionized with the arrival of MP3, smartphones, touchpads, online music services, and music in HD 24/96. When you sit in your sofa watching your "old" HiFi installation, you say, "How to take advantage of these musical developments and keep my excellent audio quality?" For my part I have a pretty sharp opinion on the question: in digital music, it must be simple so I do not spend my time making settings or looking for music and I want a great sound at home. Here is my solution: use each device by their main functions and do not try to torture them to save a few cents, remove some cables, or reduce the clutter of my HiFi installation. The motto is ease of use and excellent sound. Send me your computer, forget your smartphone as a sound source, here is the solution with an audio server and a music network player!

The Age For Cabling is Over

Just as we know that in HiFi, the speakers must have a certain volume, it also requires cables to connect the audio elements: the source, the DAC, the amplifier, and the speakers. Your HiFi amplifier and your speakers are the basis of the sound quality achieved, so it is impossible to remove wired links between these devices, just as cables are needed with the player and the DAC. But, thanks to wireless receivers, you don’t need to worry about sticking with cables.

The proposed configuration is now based on 100% wireless - a link often assimilated to allow for high-quality music. It is possible to remove the wired link between the music store and the network drive, and thanks to receivers, you can now easily connect the whole set up without cables, with just minor cabling needed. For the control part, here too, you will not have a "thread to the paw" between you and your equipment using a smartphone and a touchpad as Wi-Fi remote control.

One of the best things that you should do is to buy all of your equipment from the same vendor. For my part, I went with Goldmund. Goldmund is a manufacturer of HiFi audio systems and other home cinemas. The company, for the most part, makes excellent audio systems that are ideal for use at home. Some of their top-selling products include the Prana, the Satya, and the Samadhi. Since 1987, they have been manufacturing a range of different musical systems that are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. I would recommend that you check out their website and find out which kind of speaker system is ideal for your requirements.

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