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How Prabhash Karan Has Been Able To Manage Multiple Careers

“If you read the life stories of the genius, one thing you will notice that they were all deep learners and were interested in many other fields rather than the field they succeeded. … Pythagoras, Leonardo, Newton, Milton, Pascale, Einstein were equally authoritative of many other subjects. For instance, in 1905, Einstein published four groundbreaking scientific papers on different subjects. … Very often these geniuses have multiple projects (sometimes unrelated) in progress at the same time. They move forward and backward as the situation demands. Also, far more likely than most of us, they have serious hobbies. Sir Isaac Newton spent as much as half of his time in pursuit of spirituality and religion (i.e., finding errors in the Bible).”—an excerpt from the book Nature Is My Teacher by Prabhash Karan

Throughout his writing career, Prabhash Karan has voiced his disapproval of people wasting away their time and not making use of their mind and body the way Mother Nature intended them to. He is an advocate of engaging oneself in multiple careers so that we are able to utilize our mind and body fully. This is also why he himself has branched out into multiple careers, each of which he has excelled in.

He is an engineer, a sociologist, a writer, and a computer scientist. He is the founder of Indian social Science Organization in India. Karan’s dedication to work is visible through his origins. He was born to a family of eight in a remote village. He then went on to receive his engineering degree and also committed himself to completing his masters in computer sciences. He is frolicked in both fields ever since academics came to a finish. However, it does not stop there. He has also made several publications in two languages, English, and Bengali. His approach to writing is very simplistic, which draws his readers to his message.

But it is a marvel that he is able to hold down so many things all at once. The benefits of having multiple careers are massive. One benefit is that people are able to revel in the sense of autonomy when they are working on their own. This is especially true of freelancers. They are able to work on their own time and on projects that they are interested in. It gives them a sense of fulfillment that not only are they able to control their work-life but are also working on something that they truly are excited by. Another benefit is that they will be learning new skills. Different occupations teach different skills that a person can sometimes even use interchangeably. Having various occupations also allows you to meet different people and transform your social circle. It helps the person with networking, and they can get ahead in any of their careers. That takes us to the next point where it is this learning of a cocktail of skills, and meeting new people will expose them to more job opportunities. This could mean you either getting a promotion or being headhunted by top-notch companies.

Either way, it is always a great idea to have different sources of income. But it can be difficult to manage as well. A lot of people, though drawn by the perks of multiple careers, they can be overwhelmed by the constant demands of attention too. They might worry that they will have no time to socialize or maintain anything else if they get into multiple careers.

But there are several different ways that one can come out alive and juggle different careers. You can choose careers that are, in nature, similar to each other. Look at the things you like to do and first get into smaller projects. Then when you become more used to it, you can negotiate contracts that leverage more on the output than the time spent on the work.

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