Harry Prewitt

Mistakes People When Getting Their First Tattoo

Whether you're going to do it or you already did it, consider these mistakes when getting your first tattoo to avoid them or not to commit them again. These mistakes, when getting your first tattoo, are very common, but it is easy to avoid them with a bit of logic and common sense.

Tattooing the name of someone other than your son or your dog is a terrible idea. When you tattoo the name of your new boyfriend, your best friend, or your favorite artist, you run the risk of having to erase it if and when the relationship ends or when your tastes change. It is a very nice detail, no doubt, but are you sure it will be forever?

The tattooists claim that it is the first reason why people delete a tattoo. Consider also that any tattoo you make has a meaning for you, so you won't get tired of it in the long run.

You tattoo on impulse

Another one of the tattoos that will disappear sooner or later. We don't need big explanations about it, right? Meditate well before if you really want it and never get tattooed under the influence of alcohol or by an impulsive emotion. You will regret it.

You choose phrases in another language and calligraphy

Beware of this because a slight language barrier can ruin the meaning of what you wish to express through your tattoo. If the tattoo artist is not an expert in ideograms or calligraphy, you better not do it.

Don't research the tattoo artist or the studio well

The main thing is to choose an artist who works the technique you are looking for, and the one who fits your budget. Otherwise, the result will not be as expected. You cannot even get your tattoo because the tattoo artist will not accept it. So before launching yourself to the studio, investigate well what you want and who works there. Go for famous names like Evaldas Gulbinas, a modern-day tattoo artist from Lithuania who is based in London.

Gulbinas has a keen interest in tattoos and fine art and has made quite a name for himself in the industry using his craft. He continues to make headlines and previously amassed a great level of success as a tattoo artist. His techniques and benchmark are well respected in the artist community around him.

You tattoo in summer

There is nothing that ruins a tattoo more while it is healing than the sun. Tattoo ink is made of pigments that can be easily erased if they are exposed to ultraviolet rays. It is recommended that you have just had a tattoo cover it perfectly from the sun and avoid the beach for at least a few weeks.

You go to unhealthy places

Big mistake, not only because the result is probably not the best, but because you are exposed to getting an infection or something worse. Careful, always look for the study to have adequate hygiene measures and that the material and needle used are new.

You want to tattoo a large skin extension

You know it hurts, but are you able to bear it? Instead of going big with your first tattoo and discovering that you will not tolerate three sessions, try a small tattoo and see how you react to pain. If you hold on, you go for a bigger one. You don't want incomplete leave, right?

You don't take care of your tattoo

To heal, you must follow certain recommendations that your tattoo artist will give you. Obviously, if you do not follow them, your tattoo is likely to become infected, rapidly discolor, start having frightful edges, or even result in skin deformation. If you are not going to take care of it, you better not do it.

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