Harry Prewitt

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pair of Earpieces

Many of us spend a lot of time listening to music. Music is not just a commodity. It leans more towards the spiritual and psychological entrancement than anything else. Music has the ability to lift your mood, calm you down, and give you something to relate to or be more motivated for something. Music is an essential component for those who listen to it, and so they deserve an earpiece that would give them access to the best range of sound. A person listens to music several times a day, and so it is understandable that poor quality earpieces can do more damage than good.

Headphones have several different styles that will fit your ears and sound different when you wear them. The first thing you need to narrow down when looking for a pair of headphones is the form factor that you want. This decision will be based not only on the occasions that you will be using them in but also on the type of music you will be listening to.


In-ear headphones and earbuds are little earpieces that are placed inside your ears. They usually sit on the bowls of your ears, whilst the in-ear variants usually go inside the ear canal. The good thing about earbuds is that they are super portable, which is especially nice if you are constantly on the go. A lot of the in-ear varieties will offer you isolation from the outside noise, which is perfect when you are on the bus or in airplanes. Cre8 Sounds earbuds are the perfect example of a great in-ear piece. They are the company’s flagship product and has several variants including Cre8 Sounds CR8-1 SPORT and CR8-P1 Sport Premium. These earbuds are usually waterproof and also come combined with high-quality sound engineering along with top-of-the-line materials.

Earpad headphones

These headphones are small pads that go over the ears but are not able to cover the entire ear. They are more often than not the open models of headphones. The good thing about ear pad headphones is that they are the most comfortable headphones around since they sit around the outside of your ears. They don’t raise the temperature of your ears, which can be discomforting otherwise. Not only does their open-back construction provide good sound, but it is also nice for exercising.

Full-sized headphones

These come with earcups that completely surround your ears. They are often pretty large and have both open and closed varieties. They are usually best for home use as their expansive make is difficult to carry around. The best thing about these earpieces is that they provide a great bass response, isolation from outside noise, and also sound clarity. They also consist of large amounts of padding that makes them comfortable for most heads.

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