Rohit Vashisht

What to Expect After Heart Transplant?

Often there are times that the human body can be dysfunctional due to reasons unknown. Well, it could be an infection or disease that could have caused a particular organ to stop functioning correctly. But then at times, there are chances where the heart could be damaged due to impact, age, or infection.

Well, it's not common for someone to undergo a heart transplant. But then if the heart happens to be damaged severely, you could expect the person to undergo a heart transplant. Heart transplant in India is undertaken for the people that have severe cases of heart failure, which cannot be revived back to life.

Even after the heart transplant has been carried out, what then? Can a person live a healthy and fruitful life? Well, let's take a closer look at what one could expect after undergoing a heart transplant. Let's get started.

● Right after you get a heart transplant, you will be shifted to an ICU for observation and treatment. It could last for at least a week or two. After a heart transplant in India, the patient would be under observation for at least 2-3 weeks.

● But the observation doesn't end there. Once you are discharged from the hospital, you will be under constant monitoring for at least a month.

● The monitoring is only for testing the newly transplanted heart and see whether or not; it would reject the host or integrate itself within the body.

● Tablets would be a significant game-changer. You will have to take an immense number of pills to regulate vitals and other body functions.

● There would be an immense amount of therapy sessions. Well, it's necessary because you never know how your mental condition would handle the stress after receiving a new heart.

● Often many people undergo therapy session to calm themselves down from the constant stress of not having one. Hence, it's quite reasonable for people to experience therapy sessions.

● Exercising and other physical activities take an impact because the heart needs its own time to adjust to the host and the characteristics of the new body.

Thus, it's a mixed affair between round trips to the hospitals for months after being discharged. And several hours of therapy sessions as well. But all this would get over within the first one year after getting your heart transplanted.

After which you are free to do whatever you wish to do. But do consult a doctor before you carry out any physically intense sports or adventures. But if the newly transplanted heart fails because of several reasons such as rejection of the heart by the host or failure to intake adequate medication. Consult this with your doctor in deep to ensure that you have a stable a den healthy heart.

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