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They also like the one point nine one by one aspect ratio or up to a four by five as we mentioned and we're going to Pinterest because Pinterest is usually a longer image and so we'll try one like that. So this one Penn's expanded six hundred by seven. So those are the four that will just go ahead and create Facebook Twitter Instagram and Pinterest and we'll create a couple of different varied sizes so you can see how this process works. Now one more quick thing digital marketing company in bhubaneswar before we get started. If you have any interest in messing around with aspect ratios you can use an aspect ratio calculator. So I use this one which is pretty cool from Andrew got hedges dot name forward slash experiments for last aspect underscore ratio. Just type in aspect ratio calculator and Google and look for the Andrew hedges one. This is a really cool one.

So here you can see we have a width of and a height of . And then there's some common ratios. Now this is outdated a little bit. You can see that says iPhone run the iPhone now. So it's a little outdated but still works and it works really well. So you digital marketing service can see when we plug this in this aspect ratio is by . And it gives us an example which is really cool. So let's go ahead and change at by . You can see that the aspect ratio is to . And here we have an example it's a square. So if you don't know what the aspect ratios are you can plug them in and you could also just plug in the aspect ratio to the width and height.

If I plug in by you'll see it's a by aspect ratio and give me an example. So like old you know televisions were four by three. So we can plug that in and see that that is a little thinner than the by aspect ratio. And what's also core is this will digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar automatically calculate for you the width and height. So let's go back to by first second. And typically we have . And it calculates automatically for me the . Let's just say that I know that I have to have a height of which is pretty common. It's HD but it's not so let's just put in . Well it'll calculate based on this aspect ratio by are . Eighty is what we need for a width. So it's really cool if you know any of the numbers.

The aspect ratio or the width and height. This calculator will help you calculate it automatically. What's great about is you don't have to hit a button. It just punches it in for you right away. So what we can do let's delete these out and digital marketing company in bhubaneswar we will punch in the ones that we have so we know we had Facebook was twelve hundred by six thirty. Now it shows by I believe it's actually rounding it because if you remember it was one point nine one by one. So that's kind of an awkward one. Let's try twitters and see what comes up.

Just looking at those numbers I would have never known that that was an aspect ratio of two by one without doing the math. So that's pretty cool and it gives you an example it's a nice long thin one. Let's do one more let's do the Pinterest one and see what it is. So this is a by four by forty nine is probably another digital marketing company in bhubaneswar one that uses a decimal number but it's rounding. OK so but you can see that's a longer format. So we're going to do Facebook which is a horizontal rectangle. We're going to do Twitter which is a no longer horizontal rectangle to two by one. We're going to Instagram at a square. So by and then we'll do this Pinterest .

Now we're back in our document and we want to go ahead and set these art boards up. So let's first turn this image into an art board in itself. So right now it's just an image. And what is an art board. And our board is a way that digital marketing company in bhubaneswar Adobe and Photoshop and other programs now like illustrator has introduced a way for us to work on kind of multiple canvases at the same time. So back in the day you'd have to have you know tabs open and working on each one individually.

But now we can actually open up multiple art boards and work on those and save those out and they work as their own kind of layering system you'll see how it works. But again it's really great for this kind of thing. So let's go ahead just digital marketing company in bhubaneswar convert this into an art board now. The first thing we need to do is we need to unlock it and turn it off. So just go ahead. Double click on the background layer and give it a name. Right now we'll just leave it names.

We'll go ahead call it original photo. Just so we can keep track of what this is in here. So now this is a regular layer but it hasn't been changed into an art board yet. So now that you have unlocked it and named it you can right click and go to art board from layers. If you don't change this digital marketing company in bhubaneswar from the background layer you won't see this option. So make sure that you definitely double click on it give it a name and get it unlocked. And then when you right click you'll have this option. Art bought from layers and go ahead and

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