List of best Digital Marketing Companies in India for SMO

Have maybe a slightly more practical example is maybe you have some kind of loop function to correct an array perhaps. Let's say you have my names and you have a bunch of names best digital marketing companies in India in an array that you forgot to capitalize the first letter of. So you can press Russell Tovey Angela for example and let's say we want to loop through. We don't know how many names we have. We just want to loop through and figure out how many times we prayed.

Let's say we have some kind of huge array. Right now we only have four but let's just pretend this is a huge array and it would be too tedious to come into every one of these digital marketing agency and alter the source code. We can transform this of course using our Luper function and then we can count how many times we looped.

So let's say we pass it. My name's an array. And this we can say it's going to be an array and then loop until you reach the end of the array by going until you get to the end best digital marketing companies in India of array length and then we can basically say let's see contact name equals are at any given index and we can say Konst new name or capitalized name equals name.

We can grab the character at index position you can call door to upper case on it and we can add that to the name Dart's slice after index position. And so basically this will grab the first letter capitalize it and then we concatenate that with the rest of the best digital marketing companies in India name by doing named sleights and then we just have to you know we can alter the external array or we can return a new array. But for the sake of simplicity will just alter the original array so we can say or at whatever index we are on equals capitalized name.

This should do the work we wanted to do. And this can now say. Done changed or updated or capitalized loop count names for example. This should have the same effect. Let's see capitalized for names. And let's check out our names down here. Console log best digital marketing companies in India. My name's success. A couple of other notes on callbacks we can pass it and name function like we've been doing here. We could also pass it an anonymous function. So for example, if we have you know another example let's comment that it doesn't cancel yoga every time we have another example.

Let's just say function another lager, for example, takes in some kind of No. to we can say let's see Konst squared Noms equals one time and one plus two times. Number two a squared Gnome's squared and sound is kind of a mouthful there best digital marketing companies in India. And let's say we want to let's say just cancel all of this squared and sound Nom's and then we want to invoke this another logger and we give it and then we give it a function here. So just kind of an anonymous function as the third argument third parameter in the function console log. Hey hey, let's see what happens. Run didn't quite get to it.

What if we tell it to expect the call back here. Let's see what happens. It's like that and then call back like so run. And there we go. So not quite as practical but if you have said some kind of huge function that has a bunch of callbacks I kind of descend. You might see an anonymous function like this but I think it definitely makes a lot more sense to give it a named function instead.

You know while it's possible it's not always the easiest thing to read because you're looking here and you're saying OK I'm giving it to parameters and also this anonymous function that I'll execute at some point inside there's no inside the body of this containing function.

But it's kind of hard to look at. Right. So just know that it's possible but you may want to consider is it worth doing it that way or not. You could also if you ever are unsure you best digital marketing companies in India know what this thing is to lets you have you know a thousand lines of code and you say what is this or might not be called call back. It might be called you know something else.

Not very helpful. Right. And then you coded it up so you can always check. Right, so you can say if there is a callback and type of callback analysts say something else here something else types of something else he calls function then and only then will you invoke something else again if you're not sure hey what is this third thing. We have ways that we can check that out.

We can check that out. It works. If we don't give it you know function. Here is the third argument that is totally fine. It still works as intended. And this also brings me to my next point is if you have a callback in here you don't necessarily need to invoke it as we see here we don't have a callback.

And even if we get rid of this if-else or if statement we can try something else. Or if we try to invoke it and it's not there error. So you're going to want to have just check their right so at least check that it's there. So if something else then you try to invoke it best digital marketing companies in India you know at a minimum if something else runs it. Otherwise, it's kind of considered optional. Right. So something else could be. Again it just an anonymous function it's a log.

A right you could pass this parameter as well some you call that p. And if you pass that squared and some odd numbers at this point we will have access to it. So hey do tactics here squared and some equals and we can invoke this parameter. So all kinds of things are possible but just because it's possible you should still consider it should I do it or should I not.

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