Macy Daniels

Bathroom Remodel Sequence

A bathroom remodel is an easy way to upgrade your home and increase its resale value should you choose to put it on the market. But before you start breaking down walls and shopping for new faucets, it’s important to plan out your bathroom remodel sequence. Here’s a step-by-step guide to consider for your next bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Sequence - Creating a New Bathroom

Before getting down to business, settle on a design that fits your vision. There are plenty of ways to approach a bathroom renovation, so be sure to consider all design elements. Factors to consider include:

- The Color Scheme

- Location of Utilities

- New Fixtures

- Storage Spaces

- Get Your Tools and Supplies

The materials and tools you’ll need for the renovation will depend on your renovation plans. Get some basic tools or rent them from your local home improvement store.

Demolish or Remove Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re partially or totally renovating your bathroom, you’ll need to start by removing any fixtures you’re replacing. Consider renting a dumpster for demolition debris so that you can dispose of everything at once without having to drive to the local dump.

Install Your New Tub Basin or Shower

Once you’ve gutted the bathroom, your next step would be to install new fixtures and decide the materials your shower will be made of. If you’ll be replacing your tub or shower, go for a basin or pan that fits your new décor as well as the space where the current tub sits.

Install New Fixtures and Features

Once you’re done with the shower, you can now install new cabinets and vanity. You may have to adjust the wiring if the dimensions are either smaller or bigger than your current ones. This may mean having to move power outlets so that they line up with the new vanity and cabinets. For instance, you don’t want to have to reach down to the toilet to plug in your shaver. For safety reasons, call in an electrician for this step.

Lay Down Your New Floor Tiles

A bathroom makeover is rarely complete without installing new floor tiles. But before you start the job, take measurements to ensure the tiles end up in a straight line.

Hang New Drywall and Start Painting

Now that things are starting to take shape, your next step is to hang your new drywall.

Finish Hooking Up the Plumbing

At this point, your bathroom should be almost done, except for the toilet. You could install the toilet earlier in the process but leaving it for last helps to avoid chipping it while working on other areas of the bathroom.

In Conclusion

Finally, add the finishing touches by installing the trim around the room and mirrors. Once you’re done with all the finishing touches, you can take a nice warm bath and enjoy the fruits of your labor. With this bathroom remodel sequence, you should enjoy a seamless remodeling process.

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