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Common Problems with Air Conditioners

What are the common problems with air conditioners? Having an air conditioner nowadays is a necessity for many households where the weather can go to extreme temperatures that our bodies can't endure. The air conditioning system is therefore very important since it helps us improve the conditions we live in. A/C systems need regular maintenance to have them operate for long and effectively. There are many issues that may arise that may alter its functioning and it is important to know the common issues affecting an A/C unit and ways to resolve them.

Common Problems with Air Conditioners - Diagnose the Issue

Refrigerant is Leaking

This issue may arise if the unit was undercharged during the installation process or it could be leaking. Adding a refrigerant in the unit by yourself is not wise since the amount in the refrigerant is measured by the experts during the manufacturer. The level of the refrigerant is exact and precise. When you realize the refrigerant is running low on your system you should pay close attention to ensure that there is no leaking. If you realize there's leaking act fast and stop the leaking by fixing the issue.


For commercial enterprises with the issue to contend with recharging may keep the A/C running but it is a temporal solution before the fixing is done. If you notice a leak in your A/C system contact a technician since the repairs may require heavy soldering.

The Coil Is Frozen

This simply means the A/C is restricting air flow to the coil and it could be caused by a variety of factors. You may also notice some water dripping from the A/C vent. This is just one sign of a frozen coil. The A/C system might have clogged or dirty filters which might be the hindrance or the reason why air doesn't flow. Frozen coils don't blow cold air and it may be of inconvenience during summer.

The reasons that lead to a coil freezing up are:

-Dirty filter

-Clogged filters

-Broken parts

-A/C system leaking on the refrigerant


To have the coil working properly, turn off the system and set the fans to run automatically so that it can melt the ice around the coil. In case you discover that the A/C system components such as the evaporator coil and air filter have lots of dirt and debris clean the system out. If you still have your A/C freezing up check on the refrigerant line to see whether it is damaged.

Above are two common problems with air conditioners and solutions that can help solve the issue. Air conditioning problems can arise from more problems, it is always important to fix the issue once it arises.

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